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Supercharge Army Camp // Time warp: 2/7/2022 16:50:55

Level 62
Hello guys,

I'd appreciate some guidelines about how to properly use these two active artifacts:
* Supercharge Army Camp
* Time warp

Many thanks,
Supercharge Army Camp // Time warp: 2/7/2022 21:33:22

Level 59
Short answer: Depends where you are in the game: SAC early game, TW mid-late game

Longer answer:

SAC tends to be really powerful in the earlier maps without advancements, and then the further you get in this game, the harder they fall off. Things to consider are:
* Larger/later maps tend to have more army camps, so 20x the income from a single one contributes a smaller percentage of your total income.
* The advancements that have to do with non-army camp income (caches, mercenaries, sell prices for the market strategy, etc.) scale much more strongly than just the army camp income. So the more advancements you have the smaller the proportion of income from army camps becomes.
* In the late game, most of your army income comes from mercenary camps so a lot of the money actually goes towards upgrading mines to produce income to afford the mercenaries. The income you can make from smelting/crafting/market selling is much more powerful than the base income from capturing territories so it's worth it to invest in mines early game.
* For a similar reason, getting extra income from smelting/crafting/market is really useful to afford the hospital upgrades, which are really powerful and the earlier you can get them the better. Army camp upgrades really lose their cost-efficiency fast.
* You can dig up more artifacts if you use TW compared to SAC.

Because of all of this, the basic calculation I use in my head is:
* Estimate what proportion of your army income is coming from your largest army camp
* Estimate how many times your army income you can afford with one hour of smelting/crafting/ore income.
* Look at the tier of each artifact and do math.

This depends a lot on each map but usually for me the tipping point comes around 4-8 army camps. Have epic SAC and TW artifacts right now.
Supercharge Army Camp // Time warp: 2/8/2022 02:30:47

Level 62
SAC: Use it near the start of a level, so you can reach the first market faster.
TW: Just keep using it nonstop lol. It speeds up digs, which is the most important thing about TW.
Supercharge Army Camp // Time warp: 2/8/2022 04:21:45

Level 58
First, grab a multi level and finish hardened ursa luna. This will help you out a lot with the superpower thing that gives 10x the outcome for five of the same thing.
For SAC, use it on five different army camps at the same time. Then, ask your clan for a request. This can result in much more than SACing one camp for an hour or so.
For TW, simply do everything you can, and then time warp 10 hours.
Supercharge Army Camp // Time warp: 2/8/2022 07:59:27

Level 62
Time warp is also nice of you’re doing a tech run or crafting a big item. Make sure you have enough resources to sustain production for a long period of time and make sure your auto smelt doesn’t mess it up
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