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How does MD QM matchmaking work?: 2/3/2022 23:35:16

Level 59
I am playing 1 MD QM game at a time with only one template (Strat MME) selected. My match rating is about 600.

Of my last 6 games on this template, 3 have been against Huizinga, 2 against knaan, and 1 against BeSting (knaan, Huizinga, BeSting, Huizinga, knaan, Huizinga). I guess this is happening because we (knaan, Huizinga, and I) are one another's best available opponents- our ratings are close together, we have Strat MME unlocked, and we probably are searching for opponents around the same time. But I'd like more variety in my QM opponents.

Is there a way I can coax the QM MD matchmaker into pairing me against someone other than Huizinga/knaan in my next game, without switching on templates other than Strat MME? Anyone know how the matchmaking algorithm works? I guess it prevents repeating my very last opponent since I haven't had any proper back-to-backs.
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