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Finishing off encircled enemy: 1/18/2022 21:50:43

Level 58
You’ve encircled the enemy but they keep moving around. What’s your strategy to finish them off. I’m thinking of rise of Rome where you could have 7 or 8 adjacent territories so it’s extremely difficult to stack the nearby territories enough to take them out. You might get lucky eventually but have to neglect all your other fronts until you can catch them. Any good ideas?
Finishing off encircled enemy: 1/18/2022 21:53:14

The Endless Zero
Level 57
Single stack on one adjacent territory and first order attack.
Finishing off encircled enemy: 1/18/2022 22:12:55

Level 62
1) Protect your bonuses, don't attack carelessly and lose an important bonus, failing to finish off your opponent, and instead giving him a 2nd wind.

2) What TEZ said. But this assumes you have the stack advantage and you can actually finish him off like this. The idea is that if you don't have 1st move this turn, you will next turn - but you have to choose the territory wisely. And if you can't actually finish him off in 1 attack, it means you'll do damage, he attacks something of yours, maybe wrecks a bonus, etc. See point #1.

3) Just keep winning elsewhere on the map. It's not important to "finish him off" as long as you keep widening the gap you're winning by, until eventually it's a no brainer to finish him off - or as more often happens, he surrenders. You may be better off just defending what's important to a level you know he can't capture, let him run into your stacks and take the 10% disadvantage, but keep expanding elsewhere.

Edited 1/18/2022 22:13:42
Finishing off encircled enemy: 1/18/2022 22:33:24

Vibrant Tyrant
Level 38
this is a very hard question to answer. it depends on settings and number of opponents.

often I just build one wrecking ball of a stack, and send it to opponents biggest bonus furthest away from front. Now this can help your other opponents more than you....

cheers ❤🍀✌
Posts 1 - 4 of 4