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5.17 Hype Thread and New Mod suggestions: 1/10/2022 23:56:47

Level 60
Just read the patch notes, and this is all I hoped for and then some. Time to unpublish all my mods and remake them all better :P

Mods can now place icons on territories

YES! No more using cities and commanders as "icons". Or worse, no icons at all. Mods like capture the flag, now can have a visible target for example.

The list of icon types available will be familiar to Warzone Idle players: ArmyCamp, Mine, Smelter, Crafter, Market, ArmyCache, MoneyCache, ResourceCache, MercenaryCamp, Power, Draft, Arena, Hospital, DigSite, Attack, Mortar, Recipe

The dream is true! Warzone Idle assets for mods! YES! Where do you even start with this? All of it is cool and worth a mod all by itself :D Probably smart to start simple. Maybe a Mine for some armies per turn, is a good first mod. But when we get around to combing stuff. Oh Boy, will things be different from an un-modded game then :D

Mods can now modify player’s incomes!

Yes! Mods already did achieve this in various ways, for example by modifying or adding deploy orders. But this is so so much better. Notably probably makes a few current mods outdated to some degree. All new mods should make sure to use this instead of other (weird) workarounds.

Mods can now be notified when players click territories or bonuses on the map

This IS perhaps the biggest UI mod improvement there could have been. While asking players to pick territories from a list was possibly. Oh BOY was it painful. Now, mods can really make custom cards for example. (since you can NOW CLICK ON THE MAP!)

Added a function Added WL.IsVersionOrHigher

Another small, but great improvement to the mod experience. Fizzer really did everything here.

Increased the allowed rate of custom messages by 6x.

Having made a chat mod, I know why this is useful! This means that mods can now be extremely responsive.

Added a new parameter to the “addNewOrder” function in Server_AdvanceTurn_Order that lets you skip your added order if the source order itself gets skipped by another mod. This is important for some mods, such as the medics mod.

Not 100% sure yet, but I think this will be helpful to avoid many other mod conflicts too. For example, winning conditions had this issue when multiple mods gets used.

– Mods: Reduced the cost of non-members playing in coin games by 33%.

Wonder if Fizzer has done some server-side optimizations of mods too.
5.17 Hype Thread and New Mod suggestions: 1/11/2022 13:44:20

Level 62
I have a question. Is it possible to use bogosort in mods?
5.17 Hype Thread and New Mod suggestions: 1/11/2022 17:25:53

Level 60
Sure. Why would it not be?
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