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Vacation AI + Allies: 12/25/2021 19:17:38

Sean H 
Level 54
Hi folks,

How do vacations work with AIs taking over for allies (not teams)?

More context:
* Playing a diplomacy game
* Alliance is just us being good neighbors, good communication. Not formal like teams.
* My neighbor and ally has to step out, emergency, for about a week.
* We have a long, shared border.
* Most of our 10-ish adjacent territories are currently undefended on both sides.

Would you:
A. Strengthen your border in case the AI attacks?
B. Leave your border undefended so that it doesn't provoke the AI?
C. Something else?

When does the AI begin?
It looks like my ally placed their move before turning vacation on. Should I expect the AI to override their moves with its own or will it begin the following turn?



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Vacation AI + Allies: 1/3/2022 14:29:34

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
The AI usually takes the way with lowest resistence. If your borders are now undefended.... it will most likely strike there.

When will it begin. If your ally has placed orders without commiting, then the AI won't take over this turn. The autocommit function will conmit in the last second whatever your ally has placed. (only expection is if autoboot is off. In that case also the autocommit is off.)

I am 90% sure about what I said.

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