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Automated or repeating deployment and movement?: 12/24/2021 20:51:17

Level 32
I love local deployment games and I would love to play big maps with local deployment, but they become so tedious with repeating the same orders turn after turn!

Wouldn't it be great to have the ability to have an order on repeat so you could have your backwater bonuses deploy to the same territory automatically and to have territories automatically move all or certain % of armies to the next territory, so you could build automated supply lines instead of clicking the same orders in every turn?

New orders could then be set in front of the automated ones if you wish or automated orders could be deleted when needed, but it would be so much more fun to play big LD games thinking about strategy, instead of repeating the same orders like a robot?
Automated or repeating deployment and movement?: 12/24/2021 20:53:36

Level 62
TBest/Just a Dutchman have created a mod that does this. I believe it's still in testing stages but I've used it and it works great, does exactly what you're suggesting. Specifically, allows you to copy your deployments and transfers from the turn prior. So build that deployment chain, then repeat it.

Edited 12/24/2021 20:54:13
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