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Question on level stats after ascension: 12/24/2021 17:23:14

Level 44
So after ascending I saw that the level stats changed. i assume the "times played" is the number of times you played that level since starting Idle. But does "times won" reset to 0 for your current ascension level? If so I've seen some discrepancies. There are levels I know I beat after ascending that level stats show 0 wins yet the level map shows I played the level. I never abort levels except for k-Pax(Dont ask why only K-Pax) I will jump into it occasionally to check level stats when trying to figure out what levels and powers I may have left in order to continue because if you left a level you beat you cant get that info without starting a new level. Anyway, the level map, my memory and level stats aren't lining up, my memory being the weakest check. Has anyone else experienced this or am i missing something?
Question on level stats after ascension: 1/1/2022 15:51:00

Level 65
Yes, I see the same thing. Times played are the total number of times I've played it. Times won shows the number of times I've completed it since the last ascension.
Question on level stats after ascension: 1/9/2022 03:54:33

Level 62
Yep, it gets reset, so essentially think of it more as a counter to calculate your AP earnings.

AP=base*(0.7)^(# times won)

So ideally you don't want # times won to ever be >1, else you're getting 70%, so may as well Ascend and redo the levels for 100% AP.

I'm not sure if # times played is total # of times won or # of times started. I know if you play a level and abort it, it increases the count, but I don't know if it increases again if you restart it. It doesn't re-give you the AP earned for the 1st attempt so it may just count it as "1 attempt", the continuation of the previous attempt, but not sure. And really, if you aborted it, hopefully you skipped it and just get it on your next playthrough. Only thing worse than only getting 70% AP is getting 0% AP for the duration of the map that you've already played.
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