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The Official UFO Origin Story: 11/24/2021 12:06:18

Level 58
It was a night like no other. The day I joined warzone in october, I had just left the game Last Shelter Survival after getting burned out and was browsing the appstore for a more casual game when i stumbled into this. I was intrigued and pulled in by the game so i made my account to play multiplayer and was even more so engrossed.

My first hook was gameplay. I have never seen a game like this that has so well built on the shoulders of Risk to such greatness.

My second hook was diplomacy. My first one was a multi part GoT game involving lots of roleplay and alliances which was a treat as I had recently started the game of thrones series of books.

My third hook was clans. This was roughly 3 weeks into me joining the game and i had started to look more into community chat and forums and saw the next step in becoming a clan member. So with an eager skip in my step i applied to darklords - first on the clan page at the time. Sadly ( :p ) i never got a reply back or an invitation so instead i joined a Saber-Rattlers recruitment tournament and by luck had ended up in a team with the clan owner and took it all the way to the semi-finals. Saber Rattlers was my first ever clan and i will always remember the good times

The next 6-8 months will be summarised of my time in saber’s in vague chronological order:

    Became even more so active in the diplo community and in general
    Joined the 1v1 ladder
    Set up and communicate for Saber-Rattlers for Clan League 14
    Joined many games: up to ~90 games
    Became a manager
    Created my own Recruitment tourney

In roughly August I left Saber Rattlers due to a grievance with a member of management. It is important to note that this was NOT the only reason. I was also suffering from burnout, lack of morale due to getting mass booted from games and also to what i felt was a slight push to leave + getting called out on a lack of maturity/seriousness whenever I joked about too much ( this is the game where i take away all the seriousness of life :) ). I either had to leave the clan, or the game.

As soon as I left I proclaimed to the Global chat “im clanless” and what went on -to my surprise- was a race between JK_3 and Rick Sanchez to secure me for TLA or TBA respectively. This was a surprise and it was nice knowing that i mattered to an extent to some people. I ended up in TLA and it was nice taking a backseat from management and somewhat having to wait 2 MONTHS for Clan wars to end so I can rejoin but overall it was like a breath of fresh air. I feel like i have assimilated well and look forward to my continued participation in TLA and the jokiness that continues to go on within its walls ;).

Ive recently only hit 1 year in this game and its amazing how far ive came looking back. Ive
listed my goals for the future below:

    Join a Clan League as a participant
    Become a chat mod of some kind for the game
    Become a member of management for TLA
    Maybe rejoin the diplo games at some point.

Toast to more years to come - UnFairerOrb76 (UFO)

Post Questions below, I am be willing to answer any that i can and am comfortable with

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