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Mod Idea: Development/Devastation: 11/12/2021 08:11:12

Level 28
This is my first time suggesting this, and I'm not sure this is possible. Is this idea possible to make a mod with?
B = Lowest-level Bonus
V = B's value
M, N = Caps. V must be in between M and N, inclusive.
X and Y = Amount increased or decreased (X increases, Y decreases)
Let's say a territory in B is attacked. V is decreased by Y up to a minimum of M. For every turn that no territory in B is attacked, V is increased by X up to a maximum of N.
My idea here is to add some sort of devastation and/or development to the bonuses. You won't really gain much from something you just recently conquered.
Mod Idea: Development/Devastation: 11/23/2021 11:05:40

Level 60
Don't think mods in the current framework can change bonus values during a game. I do like the concept thru.
Mod Idea: Development/Devastation: 11/23/2021 11:07:13

Level 61
Rather than change the bonus values (which is impossible), the mod could set all bonuses to 0 before the game, and give appropriate gold per turn for whoever own a bonus.

Would probably need a GUI as well, and sound like way too much work 😅
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