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Asphalt: 8 or 9?: 11/10/2021 02:23:41

Level 46
I have Asphalt 8: Airborne, and judging from what I've played, it's quite fun albeit very slow to grind for coins. To anyone else that played one of the given games, which is better?
Asphalt: 8 or 9?: 11/10/2021 05:27:12

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
I think I may prefer Asphalt 8 over 9. I may not have discovered everything about 9, but so far I think 8 is better. It has a bit more free will, while 9 is very guided, and sometimes forces you to upgrade when you don't want to move forward. 8 also has an option to play with any setting, map, car, etc, along with other players, which I have yet to find on 9. Just because I haven't found it, does not mean it's not there.
Asphalt: 8 or 9?: 11/22/2021 11:50:49

Level 63
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