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Negative Sanctions: 11/3/2021 11:00:01

Level 58
I seem like people are not used to negative sanctions being a thing, possibly because I haven't seen much of it being used in like any scenarios (except mass-FFAs, which I cannot master) or games.
Basically, the idea is that if a sanctions card is set to -1 times your income, it actually doubles your income. This is almost equal to a progressive reinforcements card, but dependent on your income.
With reinforcements cards and negative sanctions, things can go very wacky.
So, why not give it a try? I made a negative sanctions things a while ago, as a 64-player tourny.
Negative Sanctions: 11/3/2021 11:12:10

Level 65
Cool idea!;)
Negative Sanctions: 11/3/2021 18:07:04

Level 61
Negative sanctions stack multiplicatively.
In FFA if 10+ players decide to sanction one person. Welp, RIP his neighbours.
Negative Sanctions: 11/3/2021 18:14:34

Level 62
I use it in my FFA games all the time. The problem with this is not actually people gathering together to sanction 1 person, that's a valid strat, but rather the dumb AIs who just play them like regular sanction cards.

I host 40 player FFA games using negative sanctions, where surrenders and boots turn to AIs, but as most 40 player games have lots of surrenders and boots, this unfortunately results in multiple AIs playing all their sanction cards on their biggest threat and thus creating monsters.

ENTER: Just_a_Dutchman's new mod, which allows you to prevent AIs from playing cards! Brilliant, solves the problem, thus making negative sanctions with AIs viable again.
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