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Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 15:06:13

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Welcome to the quiz game!

* This post will be updated for new questions *

No using google!

You cam simply play by awnsering some questions

You will get points depending how well you do

Ist : 15
2nd: 12
3rd : 10
4th : 7
5th :5
6th : 3
All below : 1

Also recomend the topic for quizes

* No need to ask me to play , just ask some questions *

Quiz :

Topic - Space

1. What does AU mean?

a) its the distance from the sun to earth = 1 AU
b) I dont know
C) it eqals m= mass of star ×2 = 1 AU

2. What is Roche's limit?

a) Roche's limit is a limit that a moon will break up due to tidal forces ( so if the moon reaches past Roche's limit it will break up )
b) its made up
c) its a limit that a planet is destroyed if it gets too big
d)its a limit in which you would suffocate in space

3.Where is the nearest star ( besides the sun ) ?

a. VY Canis Majoris
b. Sirius
c.Proxima Cenutari

4. How many moons does Jupiter have?

a. 1
b. 62
c. 55
d. 27
e. 101

5. How was the moon formed

a. God made it exist
b. dust formed rocks which consequently made the moon
c. dont know
d. Earth and another protoplanet collided and fromed the moon when collision debris united

6. Where do Nebulas come from?

a. Dying stars
b. Big farts in space
c. black hole

7. What is the goldilocks zone?

a. Everyone reads goldilocks if a planet is in the goldilocks zone
b. Its a zone around a star for liquid water to exist
c Its a zone around a star for poo to exist

8. Bonus question

What are brown dwarfs

a. There substellar objects
b. There Dwarves that are brown
c. There racist objects in space

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Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 16:44:18

Level 56
What a mysterious quiz

1. A - Astronomical Unit
2. I think you want the answer A, but I don't believe it's limited to moons. Perhaps saying satellite would be better.
3. C
4. Trick question - I thought there were 67 'official' moons.
5. D. But I suppose B before that..
6. A
7. B
8. A, also my ice cream is a substellar object.

Edit: I think you could also argue for 8B

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Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 16:48:24

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
The answer to 8 is none of the above. THERE is no correct answer, THEY'RE all wrong.
Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 17:10:01

Level 60
These things are always hard to do in the age of Google and other search engines. Too easy to find answers if you are cheating. I do trivia at bars sometimes and they ban cell phone usage...pretty fun.

So hopefully people answer solely based on their knowledge as you have some good questions in there.

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Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 17:12:25

Level 56
Yeh, you can never really use them as a competition. But they're still fun to answer.
Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 17:31:05

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
I make theese for fun

new quiz in 24 hours

didnt know there were 67 moons in jupiter

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Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 17:37:52

Level 56
Will it be a different topic?
Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 18:21:24

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 20:42:55

Level 59
1. Astronomical Unit, A
2. A, though I admit I only know this one because of XKCD
3. C sounds like the right answer, IIRC Sirius is about 8 light-years away
4. B is the closest...
5. D sounds awesome, so why not?
6. A is the only one that sounds reasonable...
7. B, again, is the only one that sounds reasonable...
8. A, because, over there, there are substellar objects.

Honestly the joke answers and the significant difference in detail (for 5) make the answers easy to guess >.> Seriously, though, the correct answers seem to be waving flags that say "Hey, guys, I'm the right answer"

Edited 10/7/2014 20:44:38
Quiz Game: 10/7/2014 22:15:14

Level 56
Another XKCD reader!

Yeh, you should limit joke/unrealistic answers to one per question and avoid giving extra detail to the correct answer as Riyamitie suggested.
Quiz Game: 10/8/2014 06:48:30

Fan the Apostle
Level 56

1. A
2. A
* question number 3 will be awnserd on the time it takes to them in current thechology , not light years *
3. C
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