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Input Requested: 4/14/2013 00:09:55

Level 2
I have a few maps i've been sitting on. Was wondering if anybody had anything to say about them as far as changes I should make, distributions, or numbers for bonuses.

Thanks in advance.

chinese checkers

my school

Stylized earth - yes i know we dont really need more earth's, but i liked the design so i converted it over to a warlight map
Input Requested: 4/14/2013 01:30:13

Level 2
I like the Chinese Checkers idea, but I really don't like the other two at all.

If you are going to make a map based on a board game, then you should think about the objective of the game and not the actual layout. The "Inner bonuses" and the "Center Triangles" don't play a relevance to the actual game. Keep the "Corner" bonuses, but put a super bonus for getting the bonus parallel to the other (e.g. Corner 1 and Corner 4) so that you bring more of the Chinese Checkers feel to the map. Also,the distributions should also have more of a relevance to the actual game.

This is just my opinion, you can choose to accept it or not. I really don't care...
Input Requested: 4/14/2013 01:34:33

Level 50
Stylized earth map is 96% same as this map: http://warlight.net/Map?ID=7534
Input Requested: 4/14/2013 01:40:02

Level 58
I agree with Methex on the Chinese Checkers- make it more like the boardgame. Great looking map though :)

Your School; I love the territory names :D A little to few territories/Bonuses to be a great map to play, but a good start :)

Stylized Earth; I like to look on it too, should make more and smaller bonuses though- maybe cut the big ones in two or something like that. Now it\s very unbalanced.

Great work so far, and keep in mind that all the above is just my opinion :p
Input Requested: 4/14/2013 02:15:46

Level 2
Thanks for the replies. I didn't realize there was already a version of the stylized map up - oh well.

I do like the idea of making it more like Chinese checkers - and i had it more like that originally, but i kindof got the impression it would be super gimmicky after only a couple play-throughs and a test game i had with it as is was pretty cool. I'll think about it though. maybe ill dupe it so i can play my own with the other set of options and only publish one.
or maybe ill just add the super bonus on top of what i have now....idk

I was considering adding more to the town in the top right and making another bonus there so i might do that to get some more territories in - i do agree with you. It's hard because I am somewhat limited to what exists on campus and i didnt really want to just fill empty space with random stuff that doest exist haha.
Input Requested: 4/14/2013 03:29:35

Level 2
Someone in here needs to make a Hyrule map stat...
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