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Dumb boomer wastes everyone's time in class: 8/24/2021 17:38:56

Level 46
Dumb boomer gives personal backstory - of course - when asked what the 60s means to him - as if anyone cares, spends three times as long talking as everyone else who answered the question, and doesn't even answer the question. Injects some irrelevant thesis about how it all changed in '68.

The boomer generation really thinks they're the generation that ushered in the utopia. The conservatives think they're great because they defeated Communism and the liberals think they're great because they were involved with the civil rights movement, meanwhile the world is miserable. Does anyone think these golf-course-dwelling, sports-car and motorcycle-driving assholes achieved anything great? Meanwhile their parents, children, and grandchildren hate them. Losers.

I bet this guy is part of a John Brown biker club that disturbs the lives of the decent people of [redacted] on a regular basis riding around with the grandiosity of someone suffering the delusion that they hold any moral virtues whatsoever. Please haul this man off to a retirement home prison and hope he lives long enough to see the world collapse and die in despair and poverty.
Dumb boomer wastes everyone's time in class: 9/6/2021 00:16:41

Level 59
I see boomer, I give like
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