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Local deployments: 8/19/2021 16:12:24

Level 24
How do you, the reader, feel about Local Deployments? Briefly state why you like or dislike it.

Would you play a medium to large map with LD?

^ that thought, born out of this thought > It would be nice to Auto distribute all LD's. It would save lots of time and mouse clicking. Could a mod be made for that?
Local deployments: 8/19/2021 16:27:57

Level 55
I don't really like it because some armies you deploy just don't do anything. You have to transfer a lot of different stacks which takes even more time than just deploying which in a RT game sometimes you don't have. Sometimes these armies do not fight at all. And on really big maps it just takes forever and isn't enjoyable anymore.

Edited 8/19/2021 16:33:23
Local deployments: 8/19/2021 16:32:35

Level 61
Local Deployments is something like Multi-Attack. In skilled hands, it can be used to create awesome settings, but most settings end up being unplayable.
If you are creating settings with LD, make sure it won't be too grindy. I wouldn't join a LD game on a medium or large map, unless someone would say it is not grindy. Auto-deploy for LD would be nice to have, even for non-members.
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