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Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/19/2021 16:09:12

Level 56
Hi. If you have a suggestion for improving map, please post here.

Here is a link to the map: https://www.warzone.com/Map/41897-Urban-Gridlock

Suggestions I get from the tournaments:

1. The long connection between castle road 1 and 12 is confusing.

  • The dash line doesn't align with the red arrow that the players get when they click on a territory.
  • The orange arrows can be opposite to the direction of the movement of the armies. For example, the orange arrow at the top is opposite to an attack from castle road 12 to castle road 1.

2. The calculation of income and change in the 3 examples at the bottom of the map is unclear.

  • It is better to write 'Income: 3 - 4 = -1' instead of just 'Income: 3 - 4'.
  • While the examples is actually a sequence of examples that show the change of income, they look like unrelated examples at the first glance.
  • The players might confuse the income with the change. For example, when some players see '(lose 8 income)' under one example, they think that is wrong become the income in the example is -1. I plan to write 'Change: (-1) - (7) = -8' under the gray arrow between the examples. Maybe also change the color of that gray arrow to make it more noticeable and emphasizes that the relationship between the 3 examples.

3. The starting position is always the same. That might be boring later. Picks/card/luck modifier would make the game more fun.

  • The sample setting doesn't have pick/wasteland/card/fog because balancing the map was quite difficult for me.😅 I try to keep it simple, at least at the beginning.
  • I haven't thought about balancing the picks yet.

    • Bases B and C can rush the center while base A and D cannot.
    • I don't know if Merry-go-around 2 is a better pick than Base D.

  • Wasteland might work. I haven't tried that. Since the map is tiny, wastelands have a big impact on the game.

Edited 8/19/2021 16:24:16
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/19/2021 16:36:38

Level 62
Income: 3 - 4
lose 8 income?
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/19/2021 16:40:32

Level 56

  • Left example: 0
  • Middle example: 3 + 4 = 7
  • Right example: 3 - 4 = -1

Change of Income

  • Left example -> middle example: (7) - (0) = 7
    • (gain 7 income)

  • Middle example -> right example: (-1) - (7) = -8
    • (lose 8 income if you take just 1 more territory)

Edited 8/19/2021 16:41:20
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/19/2021 16:41:12

Level 57
We should delete it, that's what... just kidding, it's just a touch confusing. May get used to it in the tournament I am in with that map LOL.
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/19/2021 16:42:02

Level 62
You might want to get these people to share their opinion: https://discord.gg/mA2BnFp
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/20/2021 03:46:30

Level 63
I am enjoying the system so far but still getting the hang of it/taking shots in the dark. I agree with the suggestions. Wasteland is a good idea. That or much bigger distribution where you start with a number of non renewable, weak blockade cards kinda like in Georgia army cap
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/20/2021 03:59:16

Level 56
Maybe it is a good idea to make several settings. We need time to test and balance the settings but making people wait is a bad idea.

  • The "classic gridlock" setting is the 'well-balanced original flavor'.
  • The "hilly gridlock" setting is for those who like the 'new exciting experiment' (right next to their spawn).
  • The "scorched-land gridlock" has non-renewable blockade cards to give it a 'burning taste'.
  • The "clustered gridlock" randomly gives the player lots of picks to give it a 'random taste'.
  • The "auto-gridlock" forces the player to pick lots of territories to give it a DIY (do-it-to-yourself) flavor.
    • You asked for picks. And we heard you. You have lots of picks now. 😈
    • Pick 31 territories on a map with 32 territories! Let's test everyone's 'unpicking' skill.
    • Throw in one gift card every 2 turns to kick-start the chaos.🤣

Sounds like selling energy drinks with different flavors. 🤣

Edited 8/20/2021 05:35:12
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/20/2021 05:27:56

Level 56
Do-it-to-yourself doesn't work. Don't know how to fix it.

Do-it-to-your-bot might work (The assisted-gridlock flavor).

Do you trust yourself or your bot?

Do-it-to-your-bot v2 (no blockade card. less gift cards).

Edited 8/20/2021 18:07:58
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/20/2021 18:08:11

Level 56
This one is fun!

Do-it-to-your-bot v3 (no blockade card. less gift cards).

Edited 8/20/2021 23:31:47
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/21/2021 04:08:53

Level 56
I made a tentative new version of the map based on the suggestions.
The new version has the following improvements.

  • Clarify the income and change of income calculations.
  • Move the change of income calculation to between the examples.
  • Make the long connection between castle roads 1&12 follows the convention.
I personally still like the white dashed line with orange arrows though.

New version (v1.9): https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=95899
Alternative version: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=95902
Current version: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=95809

Does it look better now? Should I pick the new or the alternative version?

Edited 8/21/2021 04:33:37
Suggestions for the Urban Gridlock Map: 8/21/2021 12:06:54

Level 62
Alternative more elegant.
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