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WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 17:05:43

Level 58
What do you expect?

I have only one thing on my list:

Official Clan Wars = Clan Rankings = Clan Ladder
( It is also able to replace the need for 3v3 Ladder)

Although clans became popular, it's pretty pointless being in a clan. Uninteresting. All the competitions you have to do by yourself. It's more an imitation...and most people don't like imitations, including me.

Edited 9/26/2014 12:34:11
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 17:17:36

Level 60
good point
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 17:27:31

Level 35
wl official macsot

i nomiate mmb
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 17:46:29

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Clans were introduced in 2.0. Therefore additions to clans doesn't merit 3.0 update. It will be a long time before the next massive update. What we can expect are ladder overhauls and clan improvements. Nothing like 3.0 though.
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 22:05:37

Level 60
Hoping for:

-Some kind of clan ladder
-A better sort on clan list (average points or some other formula)
-More clan functions (forum page, clan page, etc)
-3v3 Europe ladder
-Tournament filters added (there are almost none there)
-Additional membership benefits (right now they are a poor value aside from supporting the site)
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 22:26:10

An abandoned account
Level 56
or Fizzer might call the next update 'version 2.10' because it might just be a normal update.
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 22:38:36

The National Socialist
Level 54
I think they mean the next Big update...
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 22:44:25

master of desaster 
Level 65
I'm already pretty happy with the last ladder updates and the option to watch games by links on the phone :)

tournament access via phone and continously changing rt ladder templates would be what i'm looking for :) (like voting out/in every 1or 2 months templates).
WL 3.0: 9/25/2014 23:58:24

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
Hopefully a website/Forum that works better for mobile
WL 3.0: 9/26/2014 00:59:09

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
a NY Giants Theme
WL 3.0: 9/26/2014 12:27:16

Cheery Dog
Level 57
People being able to realise that games (and probably all updating programs) don't list their updates in numerical fashion, and that the decimal place, is not in fact a decimal place, just a separator.

(I expect version 2.10)
WL 3.0: 9/26/2014 12:32:29

「 Horus 」
Level 1
I expect Fizzer would sell Warlight to EA to finally make some good money.
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