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multi player artifact: 8/13/2021 18:45:53

Level 61
I combined my multi player artifact before I realized what it was. Is there a way to get another? has anyone ever got a 2nd one?
multi player artifact: 8/13/2021 18:57:19

Level 50
What’s a multiplayer artifact?
multi player artifact: 8/13/2021 20:34:40

Level 25
If you mean the Multi Level power, then yes, there should by now be two spots, one each on two different maps, that you can collect two times in total when you replay the level later on. If you meant something different, then I don't know what you are talking about.
multi player artifact: 8/15/2021 13:38:43

Level 63
Based on how you phrase it, I suspect you sacrificed 4 artifacts to upgrade another artifact.

You cant un-upgrade artifacts.

If your question is about the Multi Level power, in total you can pick up 4 of them from playing the normal levels, after that you can buy them for 700 coins or $7 a piece.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4