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How are armies removed order: 8/3/2021 19:39:06

Level 55
If I have say 11 armies on a square that I am going to use 10 of on go 2 to attack with
But on go one I move 6 in
They then attack with 10 removing 6
On my next go will I still have the 10 attacking or will I be down to 4
How are armies removed order: 8/3/2021 20:15:38

Level 62
If you transfered in armies, they will be killed before the armies you deployed. This saves your deployed armies so you can still use them to attack other territories
How are armies removed order: 8/3/2021 20:54:46

Level 61
Transferred armies, armies retreating from failed attacks (if and only if multi-attack is off), and airlifted armies are unmovable. If attacked, firstly unmovable armies die, then movable.

Edited 8/3/2021 20:55:56
Posts 1 - 3 of 3