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QM team mates who boot: 6/27/2021 06:05:26

Legend of the Phoenix 
Level 62
I quite like the concept of playing in QM games with random team mates, and have had some good games and met people I wouldn't otherwise meet. But recently I've had 3 games where a team mate doesn't join and boots. This results in quite significant loss of ranking points, which just doesn't seem right.

Wouldn't it be better and much fairer, if all the lost ranking points are given to the player that boots? e.g. in a 3v3 that if one boots, instead of all 3 players losing say 10 ranking points, the booting player loses 30?
QM team mates who boot: 7/9/2021 13:58:49

Level 63
I think it would be even better if the booted player just wouldnt be allowed to play team games in QM.

All team QM templates should have a max boot % join requirement, and players that boot too often are just not allowed to play team QMes

Edited 7/9/2021 13:58:58
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