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Demo of Clan Wars: Revenge of the idler's: 6/21/2021 13:27:31

Level 58
JK_3 = Anakin
Orranis = Mace WIndu
Fizzer = Palpatine
kratt = padme
(you can interprete Jedi as classic players and sith as an idle player)

Orranis arrives with THREE JEDI to arrest Fizzer.

Fizzer: Master Windu. I take it General silverhand has been destroyed then. I must say, you're here sooner than expected.

Orranis: In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Classic, you are under arrest, Chancellor.

Orranis and the other JEDI ignite their lightsabers.

Fizzer: Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?

Orranis: The Senate will decide your fate.

Fizzer: (burst of anger) I am the Senate!

Orranis: Not yet!

Fizzer stands, a laser sword appears out of his cloak sleeve, and he spins toward the JEDI.

Fizzer: It's treason, then.

A close shot of Fizzer as the fight begins. Close shots of THREE JEDI getting cut down by Fizzer. Fizzer and Orranis continue to fight.

Jedi Master Orranis and the Sith Lord fight their way down the hallway and into the main office area. Fizzer is able to use the Force to slam Orranis against the wall, but he recovers before the Chancellor can cut him down.

JK_3 lands his speeder, jumps out, and runs down a long corridor toward the Chancellor's office.

In the heat of battle, Orranis cuts the window behind the Chancellor's desk, and it crashes away. Orranis is forced out onto the ledge, which is twenty stories up. They fight over the precipice. JK_3 arrives to see Fizzer and Orranis fighting.

They stop as Orranis forces Fizzer to drop his sword. Fizzer and Orranis start yelling at each other.

Orranis: You are under arrest, My Lord.

Fizzer: JK_3! I told you it would come to this. I was right. The Jedi are taking over.

Orranis WlNDU: You old fool. The oppression of the Sith will never return. Your plot to regain control of the Classic is over . . . you have lost . . .

Fizzer: No! No! You will die!

Fizzer raises his hands, and lightning bolts shoot out. They are blocked by Orranis's lightsaber. Fizzer is pushed back against the window sill.

Fizzer: He is a traitor, JK_3.

Orranis WlNDU: He's the traitor. Stop him!

Fizzer: Come to your senses, boy. The Jedi are in revolt. They will betray you, just as they betrayed me.

Orranis WlNDU: Aarrrrggghhhhh . . .

Fizzer: You are not one of them, JK_3. Don't let him kill me.

Orranis WlNDU: Aarrrrggghhhhh . . .

Fizzer: I am your pathway to power. I have the power to save the one you love. You must choose. You must stop him.

Orranis WlNDU: Don't listen to him, JK_3.

Fizzer: Help me! Don't let him kill me. I can't hold on any longer. Ahhhhhhh . . . ahhhhhhh . . . ahhhhhhh . . .

Orranis pushes Fizzer out to the edge of the ledge. As the Jedi moves closer, the bolts from Fizzer's hands begin to arch back on him. The Chancellor's face begins to twist and distort. His eyes become yellow as he struggles to intensify his powers.

Fizzer: I can't ... I give up. Help me. I am weak ... I am too weak. Don't kill me. I give up. I'm dying. I can't hold on any longer.

Orranis WlNDU: You Sith disease. I am going to end this once and for all.

JK_3: You can't kill him, Master. He must stand trial.

Orranis WlNDU: He has too much control of the Senate and the Courts. He is too dangerous to be kept alive.

Fizzer: I'm too weak. Don't kill me. Please.

JK_3: It is not the Jedi way . . .

Orranis raises his sword to kill the CHANCELLOR.

JK_3: (continuing) He must live . . .

Fizzer: Please don't, please don't . . .

JK_3: I need him . . .

Fizzer: Please don't . . .

JK_3: NO!!!

Just as Orranis is about to slash Fizzer, JK_3 steps in and cuts off the Jedi's hand holding the lightsaber.

As Orranis stares at JK_3 in shock, Fizzer springs to life.
The full force of Fizzer's powerful Bolts blasts Orranis. He attempts to deflect them with his one good hand, but the force is too great. As blue rays engulf his body, he is flung out the window and falls twenty stories to his death. No more screams. No more moans. Fizzer lowers his arm.

Fizzer: Power! Unlimited power!

His face has changed into a horrible mask of evil. JK_3 looks on in horror. Fizzer cackles.

JK_3: What have I done?

JK_3 sits.

Fizzer: You are fulfilling your destiny, JK_3. Become my apprentice. Learn to use the dark side of the Force.

JK_3: I will do whatever you ask.

Fizzer: Good.

JK_3: Just help me save Kratt's life. I can't live without her. I won't let her die. I want the power to stop death.

Fizzer: To cheat death is a power only one has achieved, but if we work together, I know we can discover the secret.

JK_3 kneels before Fizzer.

JK_3: I pledge myself to your teachings. To the ways of the Sith.

Fizzer: Good. Good. The Force is strong with you. A powerful Sith you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth . . . Vader.

JK_3: Thank you. my Master.

Fizzer: Rise, Darth Vader.

Fizzer moves over to his desk.
Demo of Clan Wars: Revenge of the idler's: 6/21/2021 13:27:44

Level 58
(any feedback welcome)

like maybe a diffrent name for jedi and sith

Edited 6/21/2021 13:28:00
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