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Story: 5/28/2021 01:05:30

Level 60
Make up the funniest story of how you got 40 trillion Kenyan shillings and I’ll give you 30 coins
Story: 5/28/2021 01:13:22

Level 59
I wrote a funny story about getting a 40 trillion Kenyan shillings and I got 40 trillion Kenyan shillings + 30 coins
Story: 5/28/2021 02:27:56

Level 57
I saw this guy on the street and I was like hey bro can I borrow 40 trillion Kenyan shillings and he was like sure bro here you go and he pulled out a big bag of Kenyan shillings from under his shirt and I counted and told him bro there’s only 39 trillion 999 billion 999 million 999 thousand 999 Kenyan shillings in here and he was like soz bro it’s all I got but I could smell the last shilling on him so I kidnapped his kids and called my uncle over to “play” with them in my basement so the guy gave me the last shilling and that’s how I got 40 trillion Kenyan shillings.

Edited 5/28/2021 02:28:41
Story: 5/28/2021 03:44:23

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
I found a Kenyan shilling on the ground in Uganda. I thought it was weird that a Kenyan shilling was in Uganda, but paid no matter. Later that week, I am in Kenya and the subject comes up. I tell the guy that I found it in Uganda. I didn't realize that he worked for the Kenyan government as a spy. He tells me that I must come with him. I do so, and am taken to the Kenyan war room. They say that Kenyan shillings are banned from entering Uganda and that because I found it in Uganda, they had to declare war. I am hired as a spy for the Kenyan government and collect as many Kenyan shillings as I can from Uganda. After some undercover work, I find 69 Kenyan shillings in Uganda. I am then suddenly kidnapped by the Ugandan military and am brought to a prison. I am questioned for what seems like hours for why I am there collecting Kenyan shillings, so I tell the truth, but they don't believe me. In fact, they find it so funny, that they just let me go and wish me luck on my coin collection. I report back to the closest Kenyan military camp. After 2 years of fighting, Uganda and Kenya make peace. I am awarded 10 trillion Kenyan shillings for my work. I go into retirement living off of my fortune. However, it doesn't last long, since only 4 months later, the president of Kenya comes to my door and requests I be his personal guard. I accept of course and he pays me 5 trillion Kenyan shillings over the course of 5 years. I finally go into retirement for good. I decid to go to a casino and play blackjack and roulette. I manage to win every round of each and win a total of 24.5 trillion Kenyan shillings. I then buy 666 lottery tickets, and win500 of them, each worth 1 million Kenyan shillings. And so it goes to be that I come into ownership of 40 trillion Kenyan shillings.
Story: 6/11/2021 03:47:48

Level 4
It was a dark and stormy night, and i knew that to accomplish my goal of getting the shillings in the coveted fables of yore then i'd have to go to sleep. The morning arrived and i knew that i had to earn 40trillion Kenyan Shillings, not knowing if these where even real or what there value was i searched it up on Yahoo, which is the safest and most well respected search engine in this universe. It comes to turn out that the value is hundreds of billions of dollars and i need to start searching for the Kenyan Money.
I travelled to Kenya by mortgaging my home with the bank, i arrived at Keyna and everyone there fused to donate me there shillings, so i had to earn it my own way. while here i made a note to find Obamas sir name and finnally put the question to rest. I found a nice man who told me about his business model in which people sell him goods and he will sell it to me in order for me to sell it to yet more people, but i'd need a trillion Kenyan Shillings in order to get into the business. I remember this. I then go to this place where they tell me that if i can find a Kenyan Knuckles species that is a susected cousin of the Uganda Knuckles, then they will pay me 1 trillion shillings. i decide to go hunt for the missing Kenyan Knuckles but the tour guide tells me that i'll need equipment that will cost me a hundred million shillings, I then hunt for the funds needed. There is a nice Warlord who has a small army of Child soliders who tells me that if i smuggle his diamonds from central west africa back to hear then i'll get paid a hundred million shillings. I agree and i go to collect his diamonds. At the Angolan border the police ask me if i have been to Kenya, i say "I don't know Kenya-even ask me that", to which they laugh and say "just go on through" and i drive the car full of diamonds out of the country and back to Kenya. I give the diamonds to the warlord for the shillings and then buy the equipment to which i search for the Kenyan Knuckles. i find many, there madening, they continuisly say "DO yOu KNoW THe Way?" and then they click there toungues, but i return them to the researchers and they give me there research grant that they promised. I use this money to join the business plan. It is many years of hard work, I learn that this is a pyramid scheme, but i keep going. I eventually after decades earn a few trillion Kenyan Shillings. then the boss guy leaves the business and it turns out that he was commiting massive tax fraud, i bribe a few people and i run the business, and then i learn how much he was cheating me out of money. I earn the 40 Trillion Shillings over night. I return home to remember that my house had a mortgage and it is deffinately reposessed. i use my new wealth to get my house back. Some greedy orphans took it over, i use every last cent that i own to get it back. That house is mine. I eventually exhaust all my shillings and then i regain my home, but the Kenyan government realizing that im not a citizen and im running a multinational Ponzi-scheme out of there nation, seize all of my Kenyan assets.
I return to where i started. On a dark and stormy night im sitting in my home reading the paper, i see those aweful greedy orphans have all became homeless, just like they deserve for taking my home away from me. They even had the gall to draw on my walls, granted it was a chalkbourd above the wall and they did use there own chalk but it is still the principle of this thing. So im now just an elderly man stick In my home with only the memories of Kenya to justify that wild journey, and also i smuggled alot of those Kenyan Knuckles home with me, im going to regain my fortune breeding these things.
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