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I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 3/8/2013 09:41:23

御坂一二三笠 (dyemen)
Level 11

Yes,you guys just see this map is so big.
However it is a huge business to name it all.(I can't take it)
So i need your help to name it all(I regret that why I don't name it at first.)

The name from is that:
English name,Local language name
If the two names are the same will become one name.

you can tell me the name like this:
(This guy is very awsome,I'am so gratitude)

1 | Baja California,Baja California

2 | Baja California Sur,Baja California Sur

3 | Sonora,Sonora

4 | Chihuahua,Chihuahua

5 | Sinaloa,Sinaloa

6 | Durango,Durango

7 | Coahuila,Coahuila de Zaragoza

8*| Nuevo León,Nuevo León

9*| Tamaulipas,Tamaulipas

10 | Zacatecas,Zacatecas

11 | San Luis Potosí,San Luis Potosí

12*| Guanajuato,Guanajuato

13 | Jalisco,Jalisco

14 | Michoacán,Michoacán de Ocampo

15*| Hidalgo,Hidalgo

16 | State of México,Estado Libre y Soberano de México

17 | Guerrero,Guerrero

18 | Puebla,Puebla

19 | Veracruz,Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave

20 | Campeche,Campeche

21 | Quintana Roo,Quintana Roo

22 | Yucatán,Yucatán

23 | Chiapas,Chiapas

24 | Petén,Petén

25 | Belize

26 | Escuintla,Escuintla

27 | Guatemala,Guatemala

28 | Tegucigalpa,Tegucigalpa

29 | Juticalpa,Juticalpa

30 | Republic of El Salvador,República de El Salvador

31 | Autonomous Region of the Northern Atlantic,Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte

32 | Department of Managua,Departamento de Managua

33 | Autonomous Region of the Southern Atlantic,Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur

34 | Guanacaste Province,Provincia de Guanacaste

35 | San José Province,Provincia de San José

36 | Veraguas Province,Provincia de Veraguas

37 | Panamá Province,Provincia de Panamá

38 | Oaxaca,Oaxaca

* there is a missing connection between territory 8 and 9, 12 and 15.(I flxed)

Thanks a lot for your helping.
I would like to test it map when the map is all named.
Hope we can get it as fast as we can.
by Dyemen
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 3/8/2013 10:58:59

Level 50
Northern Canada and Greenland:

1: I just saw you already named 1 and 3 ;)
2: Qaanaaq
3: I just saw you already named 1 and 3 ;)
4: Upernavik
5: Ittoqqortoormiit
6: Uummannaq
7: Ammassalik
8: Ilulissat
9: Qasigiannguit
10: Sisimiut
11: Maniitsoq
12: Nuuk
13: Paamiut
14: Narsaq
15: Ivittuut
16: Qaqortoq
17: Nanortalik
18: Northern Ellesmere Island, Umingmak Nuna
19: Grise Fiord, ᐊᐅᔪᐃᑦᑐᖅ
20: Axel Heiberg Island
21: Meighen Island
22: Amund Ringnes Island
23: Cornwall Island
24: Graham Island
25: Ellef Ringnes Island
26: King Christian Island
27: Lougheed Island
28: Borden Island
29: Brock Island
30: Mackenzie King Island
31: Emerald Isle
32: Eglinton Island
33: Byam Martin Island
34: Prince Charles Island
35: Nottingham Island
36: Coats Island
37: Mansel Island
38: Devon Island
39: Cornwallis Island, ᖃᐅᓱᐃᑦᑐᖅ
40: Bathurst Island
41: Eastern Melville Island
42: Western Melville Island
43: Prince Patrick Island
44: Banks Island
45: Victoria Island
46: Cambridge Bay, ᐃᖃᓗᒃᑑᑦᑎᐊᖅ
47: Pricne of Wales Island
48: Taloyoak, ᑕᓗᕐᔪᐊᕐᒃ
49: Arctic Bay, ᐃᒃᐱᐊᕐᔪᒃ
50: Cldye River, ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ
51: Pangnirtung, ᐸᖕᓂᖅᑑᖅ
52: Cape Dorset, ᑭᙵᐃᑦ
53: Baker Lake, ᖃᒪᓂᑦᑐᐊᖅ
54: Hall Beach, ᓴᓂᕋᔭᒃ
55: Bathurst Inlet, ᑭᖓᐅᓐ
56: Dettah
57: Behchoko
58: Colville Lake, K'áhbamį́túé[
59: Aklavik
60: Fort McPherson, Teet'lit Zheh
61: Norman Wells, Tłegǫ́hłı̨
62: Fort Providence, Zhahti Koe
63: Fort Liard, Echaot'l Koe
64: Old Crow
65: Keno City
66: Dawson City
67: Burwash Landing
68: Carmacks
69: Two and One-Half Mile Village
70: Carcross
71: Haines Junction
72: Whitehorse
73: Enterprise
74: Fort Resolution, Deninoo Kue
The island between 35, 36 and 53 (I forgot to give it a number): Coral Harbour, ᓴᓪᓖᑦ

A lot of places don't have English translations, while lots of islands are uninhabited and have no local name. I gave it my best shot, I hope you can use this.
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 3/8/2013 12:27:31

Level 50
Compare my US Regions map (http://warlight.net/Map?ID=8366) with US part of this map. [note:NOT OFFTOPIC]
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 3/8/2013 12:28:32

御坂一二三笠 (dyemen)
Level 11
Thanks a lot :) you are awsome :)
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 3/9/2013 09:28:07

Level 55
Thanks the idea man, I made a small research and found the location of my new map :)
Btw here is some name for you:

1 Alexandra Land, Zemlya Aleksandry
2 Prince George Land, Zemlya Georga
3 Northbrook Island, Ostrov Nortbruk
4 Hooker Island, Ostrov Gukera
5 Nansen Island, Ostrov Nansena
6 Salisbury Island, Ostrov Solsberi
7 Jackson Island, Ostrov Dzheksona
8 Karl Alexander Island, Ostrov Karla Aleksandra
9 Prince Rudolf Island, Ostrov Rudol'fa
10 Eva-Liv Island, Ostrov Yeva-Liv
11 La Ronciere Island, Ostrov La-Ronsyer
12 Wiener Neustadt Island, Ostrov Viner-Neyshtadt
13 Champ Island, Ostrov Champ
14 Graham Bell Island, Ostrov Greem-Bell
15 Wilczek Land, Zemlya Vilcheka
16 Hall Island, Ostrov Gallya
17 McClintock Island, Ostrov Mak-Klintoka
18 Salm Island, Ostrov Sal'm

And if you want to be precise and called the Southern Great Plain in Hungary as Dél-Alföld, then call the Northern Great Plain just Észak-Alföld because the régió means only that region.
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 3/29/2013 17:22:46

Level 16
When's this map gonna be finished?
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 3/31/2013 18:40:49

Level 32
I'm not best at local names but I know that you have got the local name for Moravia-Silesia wrong, Moravskoslezský kraj is a name of an administrative region that is only a part of the region that you drew on your map. I recommend changing the name to Brno,Brno or Moravia-Silesia,Morava a Slezsko, it is a more accurate name for the region.

Also the region you named Prague,Praha is also a historical reagion called Bohemia (In Czech Čechy), so you can change the name of that province too if you want.

Sorry for not being helpful, the other central European regions seem fine.
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 5/31/2013 00:38:20

Red Menace
Level 55
Please make this as fast as possible, I reeeeally want to play it and have been waiting a while. Can't you just number the territories until you get the actual names?
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 5/31/2013 07:35:39

Level 1
I can help you with Turkey,
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 6/8/2013 08:47:34

Level 46
Souther and Eastern Serbia should be named Јужна и источна Србија, but you named it Западна Србија и Шумадија (which means Western Serbia and Šumadija). Serbia should be worth 2 not 3, since I saw that every bonus of 3 territories worths 2.

Btw, how do you add picture and numbers on that picture?
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 6/8/2013 16:52:30

Level 46
In Croatia bonus:
Rename Primorsko-goranska županija into Istria and Kvarner, Istra i Kvarner and rename Splitsko-dalmatinska županija into Dalmatia, Dalmacija
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 6/15/2013 08:11:09

Level 46
Madeira bonus (portuguese islands in Atlantic ocean): northern island is Porto Santo Island (Porto Santo) and southern can be named Madeira, Madeira or Funchal, Funchal (the biggest island on Madeira)
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 6/15/2013 08:28:17

Level 46
Azores (also portuguese islands in atlantic): Eastern is São Miguel Island, Ilha de São Miguel, central is Terceria and Pico, Ilha Terceria e Ilha do Pico and western is Flores Island, Ilha das Flores
Canary Islands (Spanish atlantic islands): from west to east: La Palma, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura.

Hope I helped!
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/4/2013 05:49:17

Red Menace
Level 55
For Canada, Saskatchewan, here is a link to all the names.


I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/4/2013 05:58:31

Red Menace
Level 55
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/7/2013 05:46:17

御坂一二三笠 (dyemen)
Level 11
Thank you very much.This is a lot of help.
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/7/2013 09:00:05

Level 60
There are two unnamed territories in the middle of Wyoming, I don`t know if they should be, but don`t forget it :p

Also, why are you bonusnames without any spaces?
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/8/2013 14:26:14

Level 50

Here's Northern Africa for you.
I left out the Arabic because it messes up the message box, and because the map is already severely inconsistent in naming the territories (Chinese in India?), so I propose to keep it straight-forward and leave out the local name if possible.
In most cases I use the names of existing administrative regions. In some cases it is preferable to use the name of the largest city (like in a region simply called "Northern", or when it's lots of regions combined.

1-4 Never mind, I saw you already named that.
5 Tangier-Tétouan
6 Gharb-Chrarda-Béni Hssen and Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer
7 Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate and Fès-Boulemane
8 Oriental
9 Meknès-Tafilalet
10 Tadla-Azilal
11 Souss-Massa-Drâa
12 Marrakesh
13 Guelmim-Es Semara
14 Southern Guelmim-Es Semara
15 Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra
16 Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira
17 Tiris Zemmour
18 Adrar
19 Inchiri and Dakhlet Nouadhibou
20 Trarza
21 Brakna
22 Kaédi
23 Tagant
24 Hodh El Gharbi
25 Hodh Ech Chargui
26 Saint-Louis and Louga
27 Matam and Tambacounda
28 Dakar
29 Sous la Gambie
30 Guinea-Bissau
31 The Gambia
32 Santo Antão
33 Fogo
34 Boa Vista
35 Santiago
36 Boké and Labé
37 Kindia and Mamou
38 Faranah and Kankan
39 Nzérékoré
40 Sierra Leone
41 Northern Liberia
42 Southern Liberia
43 San Pédro
44 Abidjan
45 Daloa
46 Yamoussoukro
47 Korhogo
48 Bouaké
49 Kayes
50 Bamako
51 Sikasso
52 Koulikoro
53 Ségou
54 Mopti
55 Tombouctou
56 Gao
57 Kidal
58 Adrar
59 Tindouf
60 Béchar
61 Naâma
62 Oran
63 Algiers
64 Djelfa and Laghouat
65 El Bayadh
66 Ghardaia
67 Blida
68 Batna
69 Constantine
70 Khenchela and Tébessa
71 El Oued
72 Ouargla
73 Tamanrasset
74 Illizi
75 Tunis
76 Sfax
77 Kebili
78 Tataouine
79 Nalut
80 Wadi al Shatii
81 Ghat
82 Wadi al Hayaa
(between 80, 82, 87 and 88 (forgot to number it)): Sabha
83 Jabal al Gharbi
84 Tripoli
85 Misrata
86 Sirte
87 Jufra
88 Murzuq
89 Kufra
90 Al Wahat
91 Benghazi
92 Butnan
93 Matrouh
94 Alexandria
95 Damietta
96 North Sinai
97 South Sinai
98 Giza
99 Minya
100 North Bahr al Ahmar
101 Aysut
102 Al-Wadi l-Gadid
103 Qena
104 South Bahr al Ahmar
105 Aswan
106 Agadez
107 Tahoua
108 Tillabéri
109 Dosso
110 Maradi
111 Zinder
112 Diffa
113 Tibesti
114 Borkou
115 Ennedi
116 Kanem and Lac
117 Bahr el Gazel
118 Batha
119 Wadi Fira
120 Ouaddaï and Sila
121 N'Djamena
122 Mongo
123 Salamat
124 Sarh
125 Moundou
126 Kebbi, Zamfara and Sokoto
127 Kano
128 Yobe
129 Borno
130 Niger
131 Kaduna
132 Bauchi, Gombe and Plateau
133 Taraba and Adamawa
134 Ibadan
135 Abuja
136 Lagos
137 Port Harcourt
138 Ebonyi
139 Djougou
140 Porto Novo
141 Togo
142 Tamale
143 Brong-Ahafo and Ashanti
144 Accra
145 Sekondi-Takarodi
146 Wadi Halfa
147 Shamal Kurdufan
148 Dongola
149 Abu Hamad
150 Hala'ib Triangle and Halayeb
151 Port Sudan
152 Sinkat and Tokar
153 Merawi and Adabar
154 Ad-Damir
155 Kassala
156 Sowdari
157 Jebrat al Sheikh and Sheikan
158 Khartoum
159 Al Jazirah
160 Sennar and Al Qadarif
161 An Nil al Azraq
162 Bara and Um Rawaba
163 Kaduqli
164 En Nuhud and Ghebeish
165 Abyei
166 Kutum and Kabkabiya
167 Al Fasher and Um Kadada
168 Gharb Darfur
169 Zalingei
170 Janub Darfur
171 Sharq Darfur
172 Keren
173 Asmara
174 Debubawi Keyih Bahri
175 Djibouti
176 Tigray
177 Amhara
178 Afar
179 Benishangul-Gumuz
180 Nek'Emte
181 Gambela
182 Awasa
183 Goba
184 Addis Ababa
185 Dire Dawa
186 Somali
187 Bobo-Dioulasso
188 Boucle du Mouhoun
189 Ouahigouya
190 Ouagadougou
191 Sahel
192 Est

Phew, that was a lot of work!
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/8/2013 16:57:52

Level 61
I went to help you with Norway, but all the territory names are okay on the mainland.

The unnamed island on Svalbard is "Nordaustlandet". It's part of Svalbard just like Spitsbergen.

If you want local names for your bonuses in Norway, then the northernmost one is Hålogaland (or simply Nord-Norge), the central one "Midt-Norge" and the southern "Sør-Norge".
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/10/2013 21:20:19

Level 50
Bumb because I don't think dyeman saw my reply.
I need many help for naming the map 【World Precision(2.9K)】: 8/11/2013 02:55:33

Elite Prostate Exam
Level 31
This map is awesome! Just interested if you will ever make a diplomacy version of this map? I would be very interested in using this map in the future for future games and I am a person who looks forward to making diplomacy games all around warlight for people to enjoy since people enjoy these types of games I like to make them on behalf of the [LRA].
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