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booting from the game: 2/27/2013 11:33:44

Level 59
Hi there

I'm begining to get the hang of this game now; one question though, what is the general thought about booting players?

It seems to be something that people are criticised for and yet if you're playing a 3 or 5 minute game surely part of the game and the skill is that you make your moves in that time and if you consistantly take longer you are at an advantage. (I'm not refering to the occasional time which we've all done).

Thoughts please.
booting from the game: 2/27/2013 12:58:30

Level 60
if it's a new guy to the game, with high boot rate, he most probably doesnt know where the surrender button is or is playing the annoying timewaster so it's acceptable to boot.

if it's an old guy to the game, with low boot rate, he most probably lost connection or went to do something afk and will be back shortly so it's advisable to just wait a few more minutes.

eitherway it's common courtesy to warn the other team first and if autoboot is in place let the autoboot do the booting.

i would suggest it to be a smart policy to just blacklist people who boot precociously and move on to another game instead of indulging in chat drama. you already have the game ruined, no use wasting more time on it. blacklisting people who don't respect boot etiquette will make sure you don't play with them in the future or atleast give you a heads up not to go over the time limit when playing against them.
booting from the game: 2/27/2013 13:01:50

Level 60
needless to state the obvious: if you joined the game, that implies you checked the settings and are expected to respect the booting time by playing before it's due. not getting booted is your responsibility to your team.
booting from the game: 2/27/2013 13:11:36

Level 43
It's true some players do indeed get very annoyed with people who boot. Looking at my clan for instance (Relite), we even have it as one of our core rules not to boot players unless there's a good reason.

What could be a good reason to boot ?
A player who has gone over his time for at least 2 minutes longer then the set time limit without having informed anyone (overal chat nor team chat) about his reasons.
If they told you they are there and still moving do NOT boot.

Does this mean you should boot him if he meets these criteria ??
Well no, that still depends:
A)If the player has a low bootrate then this is something unusual. Chances are he is having internet problems or is busy playing another warlight game (some top players have the tendency to play matches simultaneously or do multiday matches while waiting for the turn to progress). Best then to just wait a bit longer and give him +/- 10 minutes extra. I know it's a lot of time but I've never had a low boot rate player NOT return to the game.
B)The player has a moderate boot rate but seems to be winning the game. This is actually also pretty weird. Mostly people with moderate boot rates are the "rage quiters". In this case also give them 5 minutes extra (so after the first 2 minutes, 3 minutes again). Why do they get less then the low boot rate people ? They deserve it less.
C)The players has a moderate boot rate and is losing and/or a high boot rate and doesn't respond after the 2 minutes.....in that case he's just a moron. Blacklist him and boot him.

With regards to voting to end after booting a player in a team match that depends on the situation again. After a boot from the start you should vote to end. It's just unfair and boring to win 3vs2 or 2vs1.
If the boot happens after 1 to 3 turns it all depends on how the game has been going. If the non booted side is clearly winning you should play on till the end.
If up to turn 6 the booted side had the upper edge and or an equal position I would normally still choose to vote to end.
After turn 6-7 I will ONLY vote to end in a team game if the other team was clearly winning and the booted player was their vital element.

Hopefully I was able to clear up some questions with regards to booting/voting to end you might have had
booting from the game: 2/27/2013 15:01:01

Level 59
thanks for advise - but what do you do if they are persistantly slower than everyone else?

Also whats a 'clan'?
booting from the game: 2/27/2013 16:19:06

{RSP}Mr. Jaberwochy
Level 18
I would agree with the above posters. And add an addendum to this as well. VOTE TO END if it is within the first 1-2 turns it is unfair on a team game to make another team play for a loss. especially in a 3v3 format where you lose a whole 33% of your fighting power. now if its in the middle of a game you shouldn't have to vote to end it is likely in this case the player didn't bother to surrender. as far as frequently slow people just advise that you will boot if they persist.
booting from the game: 2/27/2013 17:05:47

Level 54
If someone is consistently going over the boot timer, i say give him a warning in public chat. If he apologizes and gives a good reason, i say just wait for him. If he doesn't respond and continues to delay the game, and if he's clearly losing the game, i would boot him. If he's winning though, i would still wait for him.
booting from the game: 3/3/2013 23:06:11

Level 50
A clan is a group of people that are alike in ways and enjoy playing games together and you get invited to chat games.
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