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Goodbye Warzone: 4/29/2021 13:57:07

Level 56
I am Leaving Warzone,Discord and other games I'am in
I need to focus on 2 things here why I'am leaving
1. Real life
Firstly and honestly i have kept myself behind the screen from talking about it
You can see me joke about it on discord
But to be honest i laugh it off just to feel good about myself
So i have to take care of this before everything else
2. Booting system
Secondly and honestly this is for the non chat player
I feel guilty when I'am booted
I normally get blocked for it
And i don't like being blocked without a reason than booting
I either lose my battery or wifi because of it
Which gets me guilty of being a bad person
Conclusion : Honestly War zone is a really fun game
But these things wont make me happy and get my self esteem really low which can affect the performance i do in other games
This is why I am leaving
Farewell warzone I'am leaving you for good.
I'm Eternally sorry for this
To JK_3 , Rick Sanchez and to Loxiiv mostly. goodbye :)
JK and rick pls keep the clan running up you wont be able to contact me anymore since Iam moving from this crap.
Note : i did this on off topic too because it wouldn't notify global chat anyway Yeah I am leaving
Goodbye Warzone: 4/30/2021 10:56:30

Level 58
I will remember u dont worry.
Goodbye Warzone: 4/30/2021 18:06:46

tøp enjoyer
Level 47
bye p****pro.
and this is the wz classic one not off topic.

Edited 4/30/2021 18:07:51
Goodbye Warzone: 5/1/2021 03:13:55

Level 60
Goodbye Warzone: 5/1/2021 03:15:16

Level 63
Come back after your break. We'll be here. Cheers.
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