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CALLING ALL DIPLO HOSTS: 4/27/2021 20:45:04

Level 58
Recently ive been in a few good diplo games. host being a banker/(auctioner for blocked players territory) (nickvonmelk), deep rp games (quite a few makers but mostly reichtangle) and games that had linear parts to it with bonuses, cards and such (glacierheart). Other examples being Capital cities, players as world leaders, the list goes on.

Now I am no good maker of such games. my first (and currently last) attempt went horribly wrong. But I would like to request the most ambitious diplo maker crossover this game has seen with big names (like above and hopefully more) coming together to create the most perfect diplo template -like how we have really great qm templates- that is simple and great, like all great things.

write to this forum to support my idea, suggest features for diplo games and help make this happen.

(thx for listening to my ted talk :p )

My suggestions would be to contact nick and work with his banker/auctioner idea as that I found was very fun to play. also glacierhearts way of working bonuses and such to creating a few part game was also a great idea. tho hard for the host to implement properly.
CALLING ALL DIPLO HOSTS: 5/5/2021 02:34:03

Emperor Justinian
Level 53
What are you asking me to do
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