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Map getting rejected: 8/30/2014 02:52:54

Level 20

I've tried to make this map public several times and it keeps getting rejected for not fitting in 2-digit army numbers, but when I review the map, I don't see any outside the borders

Then the latest time it was rejected it states "multiple connection errors were located just by clicking around for a short time"

This was never brought up in the previous attempts and again, I don't see any missed connections

Any one able to help or provide me with specifics as to what is wrong?

Map getting rejected: 8/30/2014 04:01:48

Level 56
I gave it a quick glance and saw multiple missing connections on land, and many of the water to land connections are unintuitive and may be difficult to play on. Check out Siveria, Tyrol, Serbia, Castilla La Mancha, and South West for missing connections. Additionally, Midlands shouldn't connect to London. I wouldn't be surprised if there were plenty more connection problems I didn't see though.

As for the problematic land-water connections, Midlands is weird, Nordjylland to Coppenhagen is a bit odd, and Sicily is difficult to see as well. I understand that you're doing your best to draw lines to indicate connections, but consider either cleaning them up, as they're both unclear for mechanical purposes and ugly for artistic ones, or using an alternative method of showcasing a connection (there are many high-rated maps to view for examples if you're interested).

Still, a good effort, and it's almost done! Keep at it, and go over all your territories carefully while checking for connections using the View Connections from Selected Territory tool.
Map getting rejected: 8/30/2014 09:36:18

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
Why does Venice connect to Emilia-Romagna?
Also Lazio-Toscana missing
Map getting rejected: 8/30/2014 12:08:51

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
I found some problems on your map.

Missing connections:
Southeast England - South West
East Central District - West Central district
Galicia - Siveria
East Romania - East Bulgaria
Serbia - Macedonia
Serbia - Albania
Croatia - Montenegro
Tyrol - Styria
Pomerania - Bradenburg
Amsterdam - Walonia
Tyrol - Milan
Toscana - Lazio
Castilla y Leon - Castilla La Mancha
Castilla La Mancha - Gold Coast
Balearic Sea - Sardinia

Marmara should not connect with Opakh
Venice should not connect with Emilla-Romagna

Not shown connections:
St george Channel - Dublin
St george Channel - Yorkshire
St george Channel - Wales
Adriatic Sea - Paglia
Arabia - Egypt

It has to be clear if territories connect or not.

Bonuses borders overlap.
Some territory borders are drawn crudely, there can be seen spaces between territories when zoomed in North western Spain, Africa, Syria, Montenegro, Albania, Odessa, Dalarna, Iceland and many parts of Northern Russia.

There are many territories which do not belong to any bonus. If you would add them to new bonuses, it would improve map gameplay.

There could be more distribution modes too improve map gameplay, but it's not necessary.

The look of the ships could be made more aesthetic too.

As long as you don't fix your map connections problems, Fizzer probably won't make your map go public.
Map getting rejected: 8/30/2014 15:33:28

Level 58
Don't know if you are aware of it or not, but here's a list of the requirements:

I'd recommend you check our the tiny territories section. (I suspect you might have an issue with the ships, though I can't tell for sure. the show example armies button should help you out).
Map getting rejected: 9/10/2014 16:56:03

Level 20
Thanks for the help
Map getting rejected: 9/10/2014 17:05:56

The National Socialist
Level 54
I like your map :)
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