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Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/5/2021 21:07:47

Level 55
Hi guys, before I eventually get permadonked by Draconius Fizzeroni I would like to offer up my clan as a blank canvas for sale. You can be the new DARKLORDS, Celtica, or Cats! Or perhaps you would like to make the counter to that, a clan that boots its members every time they go offline. Things I have personally done with this clan:
  • Hosted the 25-coin QM Ladder challenges which are still OPEN (just get #1 on National Israeli QM Ladder and change the account username to "ZIONISTS GET OUT OF PALESTINE". Or do any of 3 other challenges!)
  • Rebranded the clan several times, such as HYDRA (when Hydra was dead), MASTER HUNTERS (we were all assigned a MASTER to cyberbully), MARIO CLAN (Nintendo fans rise up!), or the [100] (The 100 best players of Warlight, collected into 1 clan).
  • Actually did normal clan things at one point but that's boring.
Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/5/2021 21:09:08

Level 55
As stated already my clan does not have the Dracofizzeronian limit of 40 players. Clans like these will very very rarely go for sale.
Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/5/2021 21:57:29

Level 61
Yep. I said it would happen.
The price will probably be way, way, higher than original cost was. Talking about ~50 bucks, or more if lots of people answer the call.

You might want to PM all clan leaders of new clans which participated in CW...

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Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/5/2021 22:02:22

Level 55
@Kallisti: The price has been much lower than 50 bucks. Some black market clan transactions were already underway back in February and I think the most was still sub-$20. None actually went through, though.

The thing is that you can't really decouple clans from accounts. If you buy Juq's clan, he can Recover it anytime and void the purchase with no recourse (since it's not likely Fizzer will restore the clan for you if you bought it- are clans even allowed to be resold like this?). So if you want to be safe you'd have to buy Juq's account that owns the clan... which he likely won't sell, or at least no one will buy it at the price he asks for.

The grandfathered clan black market likely just won't happen.

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Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/5/2021 22:06:31

Level 62
As knyte points out, just the clan is worth very little without owning the account that bought the clan.

The risk of hijacks is just too high to consider buying the clan without the account.
Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/5/2021 22:13:36

Johnny Silverhand 
Level 58
I'd buy Juq's account, and then delete it.
Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/6/2021 01:11:39

Level 55
knyte why are you trying to bomb your thread with your negativity. First, like you said, nothing has been executed of this kind before. Second, I'm not the original clan owner so I can't recover it. The original clan owner is long retired.

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Selling a clan with over 40+ limit: 4/6/2021 01:20:52

Level 63

Warzone Creator
Draconius Fizzeroni

I know you think it's funny to make me out to be the bad guy. But just for the record, here's some chat you've sent to other players, which I'll link in a pastebin since advertisers don't allow stuff this racist/filthy here: https://pastebin.com/bH5geLd4

You've been warned 13 times and somehow and we keep giving you another chance, and yet I'm the bad guy for trying to keep the site clean. Locking this thread since we don't need a discussion about it.
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Discussion is locked - replying not allowed