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Windows layout proposal: 3/21/2021 19:25:55

Level 26
This spreadsheet:
Contains my proposal for changing windows' layout.

"Money Stats":
Original: Hard to read, superfluous text, inconsistent number of decimals.
My proposal: Right aligned, complete number, no decimals, no currency marker

"Army Stats":
Same as "Money Stats"

"Mine Totals":
Knowing how long it will take before the required amount of ore is harvested informs you what to upgrade first.

"Mine Upgrade":
The original shows arrows going DOWN which is counter intuitive to the action UP-grading.
It is not always the cheapest mine upgrade that gives the largest extra output per invested coin. Hence the "Price per" column.

Instead of the "Mine Upgrade" window. Showing the upgrade consequences directly saves a lot of clicks. The question is only if it takes too much space.

"Un-dug Dig Sites":
The current situation where a click on "Dig" removes the window with the list of un-dug dig sites is annoying if you have several un-dug dig sites and you are looking for one particular. Then you need to open the list again and again until you find the dig site you want.
My solution is simple: Show the information for each dig-site in a short hand notation.

"Army Camp Upgrade":
Just like "Mine Upgrade" this could be implemented directly in the tab or in the upgrade window like this example.

"Hospital Upgrade":
Just like "Army Camp Upgrade". The text in the head of the upgrade window could be moved to a button on the tab or on the tab itself.

"Recipe Stats":
Bearing all the hallmarks of a half-hearted attempt to provide stats of some kind. Speaking only of the UI: Everything is center aligned. Number precision is all over the place. It is virtually impossible to see what is in progress as numbers 1 and above is drowned by 0's.
The content, type, and number of columns is another kettle of fish which I will not touch here.
My proposal for cleaning up the window and make it somewhat legible: Left align text not in headers, right align numbers. Show only 3 significant digits.
And move the close and refresh buttons to the bottom of the window where these buttons are on all other windows. The name of the game is consistency.

"Purchase Coins":
Like "Recipe Stats" the close button should be relocated to the bottom of the window.
Windows layout proposal: 3/21/2021 19:40:10

Level 64
At first, it was hard to picture what you were trying to propose, but then I looked at the samples you gave. I agree, those look so much cleaner than the current layouts. The buttons needing to be relocated, however, I don't think it's that big of an annoyance. But the further detailed stats sound like they could be a lvl 5 stats advancement, and would be very useful if implemented.

Edited 3/21/2021 19:40:57
Windows layout proposal: 3/21/2021 20:32:21

Level 63
The question is, what are you going to do with the Trillion? Isn't it easier to see 21T than 21,000,000,000,000?...
I'm already used to the scientific notations of M, B, T, Qa, Qi from other idle games.
However I agree that the right alignment looks better.

What I'm missing is a deactivation button for all the crafters/smelters at once. Or at least a visible "Deactivate" button next to each Crafter/Smelter without having to scroll down to the end of the list every time I want it to stop.

Unfortunately I wasn't convincing enough for Fizzer :(
Windows layout proposal: 3/21/2021 22:18:15

Level 25
I don't know if this would be as easy because only people with the Statistics advancement see them and others don't but perhaps put the new amount of ores/armies/savings when upgrading a mine/army camp/hospital into a tool tip that appears when hovering the Upgrade-button?? The lists of buildings are already pretty full. So adding more is not ideal.

For everything else, I don't want numbers to be base 1. I'm definitely for suffixing numbers with k, m, b, t, ... but please stick with some fixed "precision". So, for the Money and Army Statistics, use n significant digits always. And not n decimal places. You don't have to use the same n for everywhere, but use some n for every use case.

So for n=4 the options are:

  • 1.234M
  • 12.34M
  • 123.4M

I really dislike the situations where the number is rounded to 10, but if it were less you would get for example 9.14 something. Just a bit more and we lose quite an amount of precision entirely.

PS: And alignment for numbers really should be "right".

Edited 3/21/2021 22:21:38
Windows layout proposal: 3/26/2021 19:08:49

Level 59
fndtn: Those suggestions are wildly better, would love to see them implemented. Would be a big improvement to the clarity and user-friendliness of the game.

Phoenix: totally agree about the precision, it's a problem of significant digits being inconsistent.

Unfortunately I wasn't convincing enough for Fizzer :(
What kind of response did you get?
Windows layout proposal: 3/26/2021 19:45:18

Level 61
Thank you,

For the Recipe stats, how about total really needed. If I need 500 bars of Cu to purchase a tech and another 5,000 to manufacture Cu wire needed for another tech, I need 5,500 total.
Windows layout proposal: 3/29/2021 06:00:17

Level 61
The ‘undug dig sites’ and ‘mine totals’ (assume this would be a button at the bottom?) feel like no-brainers to me. This is really smart UI.
Windows layout proposal: 3/29/2021 06:04:28

Level 64
    For the Recipe stats, how about total really needed. If I need 500 bars of Cu to purchase a tech and another 5,000 to manufacture Cu wire needed for another tech, I need 5,500 total.


Edited 3/29/2021 06:06:28
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