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united state map: 2021-03-19 23:38:33

Level 61

i am curently on the United state map and i am kinda upset.
There are plenty of territory where you can't even see the value of it because there are sooo many of them close to each over that even when i am on the maximum zoom, the value is hidden with a symbol next to it (mines, money etc...)
And thus now i feel abused for i cabt make my strategy which is to take the highest values territories and so gain another one with my joint strike.

Why cant this be fixed one and for all , because when i play a game, any game, i want to know all the infprmation so what if it is not possible...
united state map: 2021-03-19 23:40:55

Level 63
i'm still far from the US level, but do the numbers still overlap if you zoom in all the way?
united state map: 2021-03-19 23:43:31

Level 64
If you're on mobile, there's a slider toggle in the settings that allows you to scale the UI on the map up or down so you can see all of it with minimal overlapping.
Why this is not in the browser version, I don't know.

Edited 3/19/2021 23:44:01
united state map: 2021-03-19 23:50:08

Level 61
i am playing at home on my PC, using the scroll to wider the region i want to see.
This is not a technical issue but only the conception of the map which doesnt allow to see clearly all the information.
And also, i would need to click on the territory and "take" it even though i would'nt want to.
Then how can this map be played ?

for example there is a territory called boone and it is impossible to know its value. It is white so i can take it because i have enough armies but i would like to know if its value is 1.8B or maybe 8.8B which canges everything...
united state map: 2021-03-20 01:22:05

Level 25
This doesn't solve the problem at all that especially the icons unique to idle are blocking significant areas of the map and the displayed numbers. But you can always click on a (already conquered) neighbor of the territory you want to know the value of, then click the "Connections List" in the tab/window/dialog(/whatever you will call the information thingy in the bottom) that opens up, then in the list find the territory you are interested in and click it, then you'll see the most accurate value of required armies in this same tab/dialog at the bottom. Tedious, I know, but if this is about a single territory at a time, this still can help. If you can't read a single territory value at all, this surely can't be the solution.
united state map: 2021-03-20 10:27:03

Level 60
i definitely did not have that problem when I played the map, on mobile. I thought it was one of the cleaner maps on idle, very easy to find drafts.
united state map: 2021-03-21 07:56:40

Level 61
thank you Phoenix !!! didnt realise that and it is very helpful !!!
Most of it it works !!
united state map: 2021-03-21 22:21:22

Level 56
How far along in the US are you pasterma? I finished Triskelion before you but I’m just into the Midwest on USA.
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