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Map WIP: Road to Utopia: 2/2/2013 18:11:00

Level 18
Hi, I made this map in December (it's probably not finished yet), currently I'm testing it with some friends. Feedback/ideas for changes are welcome.

Link: http://warlight.net/Map.aspx?ID=7670

It's an abstract map for 2, 4 or 8 players (FFA works best). The players by default start in the bottom, and work their way towards the top of the map, which is divided into "stages" where the bonuses get progressively bigger. There are 4 "main" stages where the gameplay takes place, and the last three of them end in chokepoints for two players every time. Victory will be highly determined by which player manages to get past the last chokepoint.

The thing I'm most worried about is the bonuses. The map is symmetric, so all the players are equal, but I'm still looking to balance it upwards so that the numbers grow evenly (but not linear, rather exponentially).

So currently I'm considering:

1) Reduce the bonuses of each chokepoint/new stage (like the Feudalism A zone or Capitalism I zone). Maybe reduce to 50% of the road, maybe less. However, 2) could also be designed so that the positive bonus after the negative bonus cancel each other out in a way.

2) Put some negative bonuses at the ends of every stage (like at the top). Doing this in Feudalism would be a challenge though, because it has zones which aren't a part of the road linking to the next stage. But of course not every stage has to have that.

3) It may be problematic that if one player gets ahead of the others just early in the game, there is no way for them to catch up. Especially if all zones have the same number of armies. Custom scenarios would be ideal for this map, and when it's released I also plan to make links to custom scenarios on the map page.
Map WIP: Road to Utopia: 2/3/2013 00:46:11

Level 54
Nice pic ,bro.
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