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Clan Logo Maker: 3/16/2021 15:06:30

Level 62
Here's my suggestion:


There are other similar sites and apps for free but I would like to share with the community as new clans are being created.

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Clan Logo Maker: 3/16/2021 16:35:08

Level 63
Thats a nice site Lion, thanks for sharing!
Clan Logo Maker: 3/16/2021 16:38:34

Level 62
Nice, Liôn
Clan Logo Maker: 3/16/2021 16:38:36

Level 43
Ooh, fancy!

If you have someone in your clan who's familiar with Inkscape, I also recommend scouring flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com/) for free SVGs and putting them together in Inkscape. That's really what a lot of these online logo-makers do behind the scenes anyway: scour free SVGs and provide you with a bare-bones vector editor. You'll get more mileage if you just do it yourself.

For more specific stuff:

Clan icon dimensions are 21x15 (width x height, in pixels)
Profile and clan image dimensions are 300x300

#131313 is the background color to use if you want your icons/images to be fake-transparent on the forums (like my profile pic! and clan icons on the forum)
#171719 is the background color to use if you want your icons/images to be transparent on Unity pages (clan pages - so for clan images, clan icons inside the game)

If you want your image to be fake-transparent on the profile page (example: https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=17137482708):
1. Get the profile background image from https://warzonecdn.com/Images/ProfileImageBackground.png
2. You'll notice that it's 331x301 pixels when the profile image dimensions are 300x300; to get the _right_ positioning for your fake transparency, you want to cut off 2 pixels on the left, 29 pixels on the right, and 1 pixel ont he top (so, if you're using a 300x300 page and have the 331x301 image positioned on it, set X to -2, Y to -1, and when you export to PNG make sure you export the Page and not the Drawing)
^ If this is too complicated, just message me on Discord (l4vr0v#2623) and I'll send you the .svg file that already has this positioned for you.

Oh and finally, just a personal thing related to logos and icons: if you're going to commission Lionheart to make your clan logo for you, don't take advantage of the guy. He's nice and he might let you, but please pay him for his time and expertise.

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Clan Logo Maker: 3/16/2021 20:49:16

Level 62
I did an example logo:

the tools are very simple

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