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Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 08:44:15

Level 55
Texas John was kind enough to let me use the Eastern Asia SVG.

With it, I am in the process of remaking and renaming two maps:

(1) Medium East Asia http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=18833

- Strategic Goal: Be more like Europe with its bonuses
- 313 territories vs Eastern Asia's 522
- All territories can fit the army numbers

(2) China http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=18841

- Strategic Goal: Historically, Sichuan's and Shanxi's mountains have protected these areas (from emperors, other warlords, etc.). Separating those two provinces from the rest of the map helps cut up the country some (and in a more realistic way).
- 203 territories (at least 50 territories were deleted from the Eastern Asia map, which shows that the core of the Eastern Asia map is China)

The China map will be released first, maybe later this week.
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 11:56:42

Level 50
The cities you made are useless, and don't meet any of your goals. Why did you even make them?
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 12:01:26

Level 55
And why sparated sichuan and shanxi?
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 12:32:27

Level 55
Moros: Which map are you referring to?

Urfang: "Historically, Sichuan's and Shanxi's mountains have protected these areas (from emperors, other warlords, etc.). Separating those two provinces from the rest of the map helps cut up the country some (and [makes the map] more realistic)."
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 17:39:44

Level 50
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 18:25:33

Level 58
2 Looks a little iffy but number 1 is great!
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 18:37:54

Level 55
The cities you made are useless...

Urumqi, Lhasa, Harbin, Chengdu:
- For 2v2s these are good for late picks to ensure a minimal income to fight elsewhere.
- For 3v3s cities, these are like a salad to whet the appetite and fend off hunger while the main course is still being cooked.
- For FFAs or 1v1s these cities could play a vital role in early expansion.
- These cities are a way to attract people's picks to areas that might not otherwise be picked (to try to stretch out the use of the board and lure less skilled players to the periphery).

...and don't meet any of your goals:

- Xinjiang (7-10). If France were worth 7 instead of 6 and if Paris were worth 1 instead of 0, I think more people would try to take France.
- Tibet (4-7). If Turkey had a city worth 1, good players would consider picking Turkey more.
- Heilongjiang/Sichuan (6-8). If Poland had a city worth 1, picking Poland in Europe cities would be a better idea.
- The overall bonus values of areas with an added city worth 1 are the same as underplayed areas on Europe. The city simply makes trying to grow in the area more attractive, adding a new wrinkle to the strategic options available.

Why did you even make them?

The primary goal with the cities: They are part of the map's overall bonus goal of having clusters or islands of smaller, efficient bonuses surrounded by larger, less efficient bonuses. Maybe half the bonuses are good, small and efficient. The other half are not. This influences picking and playing. I want players in the games to have a nice early burst of income but to struggle to reach the teens and almost never reach 20 armies per turn in income. I also want players to be spread across the board. The clusters of better bonuses will ensure that.

If I didn't make them, and instead just made each province worth 1 more, there would be less of an incentive for people to pick the peripheries, fewer people would go for Sichuan, and the early strategies would be duller (ie, less options).

I played a 1v1 against Gnuff and a bunch of 2v2s with dead piggy, Gnuff, Timinator. The cities made the games more interesting I think. In the 1v1, Gnuff picked two cities and a third spot next to me. I picked a 3 bonus and Taiwan (4). Gnuff used his early income advantage and blasted me in Hong Kong. I realized I couldn't hold him off, let him have HK and instead grew. His early advantage slowly became a disadvantage as my income advantage grew.

So, the cities allow for more give and take in the game. There is more strategic flexibility. They offer an incentive for people to try to grow in larger areas. And they spread out the board. That is why I made them and put them where they are.
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/1/2013 18:51:26

Level 55
For the other map (Medium East Asia), the three added cities have simpler reasons for being.

Urumqi: because Xinjiang might be too big and not worth picking otherwise (look at all the better, smaller bonuses worth picking instead).

Lhasa: because it counters Bhutan (as could Bangladesh). Trying to grow in Bhutan first turn without knowing if someone is in Lhasa could backfire. It's like trying to take Benelux in Europe without knowing if you are countered in France or Switz. It adds something interesting to the strategic options.

Ulan Batar: because Mongolia is a big useless desert of neutrals otherwise. Ulan Batar is also three moves away from the big boot in Inner Mongolia that leads to multiple bonuses. So the 1 bonus lures people to Mongolia (to tempt them to go for that big juicy 9 bonus) and also offers a nice counter play in case the game lasts longer than 15 turns.

So again: More strategic options. Lures people to pick peripheral areas. Early income to be used to fight or grow elsewhere.
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/2/2013 06:08:37

Level 49
I like the China map, it's different, and that's what we need.
Maybe some bonuses should still be upped a bit, otherwise I see the options always being limited to the same X, especially with some wastelands.
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/3/2013 00:52:06

Level 54
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 03:15:40

Level 55
Medium East Asia: http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=19062

Anyone mind looking at this to see if anything should be changed or if there is something missing (mispelled/wrong name, missing connection, etc.)?

I will submit it for public use in a day or so.
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 03:51:50

Level 59
There's a line from Pak Tai to Mekong river Delta but the connection is between Perak-Kelantan and Mekong River Delta.
Jinhua and Hangzou aren't connected.
Quiandongnan and Huaihua-Shaoyang aren't connected.
Pyongan-Chagan and Ryanggang-Hamgyong aren't connected.

I assume that the point between Pal Nuea, Pak Klang, Isaan and West Central Laos is as intended.

That's all I spotted connection-wise, hope it's helpful.
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 12:31:12

Level 43
Your East Asia map looks so great, and I think it will be one of my favorites.:)
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 12:55:43

Level 43
Missing connections:
Baiyin (Gansu) with Alxa (Inner Mongolia)
Assam (East India) with Sagaing (Burma)-you should change that name bonus to Myanmar, Burma is former name.
Northeast Vietnam with Yuxi Honghe (Yunnan)?
Huahuia-Shaoyang (Hunan) with Qiandongnan (Guizhou)
Hangzhou (Zheijing) and Jinhua (same bonus)
Pyongan-Chagan and Ryanggang-Hamgyong is in North Korea

You have two holes in India bonus.

There, I have amended nich expertise and added some my;)
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 14:14:39

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60

SVG File:
When you unioned a lot of your paths, there are extra points that need to be deleted out to clean up the image. As Example, In Japan, In North Honsu, there's a stray line that can be deleted. This will take a few hours to do for the whole map, but I think you'll be happy with the professional look you will get.

Malaysia Bonus Line: I never liked this, as it gives the impression that the territories connect via the blue line.

Was it a conscious decision to have some overweighted and underweighted bonuses? I couldnt find a reason for this. A few examples:
Henan is worth 2, but has 5 territories, borders 12 territories in 7 different bonuses.
Hubei is worth 3, but has 4 territories, borders 10 territories in 6 different bonuses.
Both are centrally located. If anything, Henan should be 3, and Hubei 2.

Same Analysis for Ningxia and Shaanxi.

If you're doing this to provide separation between different strategic spots, thats one thing...

Add them and set default to 0? Sorta like the new Europe map?
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 15:17:51

Level 55
Thanks for the missing connections.

Burma: Mianmar is the military dictatorship's official name. Have a private conversation with a Burmese and they will say they hate that name and prefer the old name, Burma. In a similar way, I used the name Taiwan instead of the official name, Republic of China. A co-worker of mine is currently traveling in Burma. When he comes back I'll ask him more about this. He is very sensitive to the name of Burma/Mianmar.

Superbonuses: What should be added? United Korea? United Mongolia? Major Warring States divisions of China proper (Qin, Shu-Han, etc.)? Mekong Valley? Manchuria?

Also, can anyone think of a simple way to divide up China? Having all those superconnected territories makes for a lot of clicking and a lot of micromanagement (not to mention the dullness of strategy when a big landmass has no geographic divisions)? Should I superimpose the China map's mountains (Sichuan, Shanxi) on this map and somehow add further divisions for the Himalayas?
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 15:19:35

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
I don't like Hainan beeing name of a Bonus and a Territory in Qinghai...
may lead to miscommunication in teamgames. Maybe search a different name for the territory?
Two New Maps in the Works: 2/6/2013 18:51:37

Level 55
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