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Genghis vs Dark Inferno RAP BATTLE !!!: 8/24/2014 07:23:09

Level 54
Here comes the horde, mad as can be! So just close your eyes and count- 1-2-3! / California's drop kicking Georgia, pick a fight with me? Well shut up because I've already ignored ya'/ You're an inferno of darkness, I'm a tsunami of pain/ Your role playing is lame, I've got the best game, my scenarios earn me fame/ You should be in shame, because you're the one to blame / need to liberate Libya from itself and its ruling tyranny, I'm a huge superpower and you're a weakling that's in fear of me / I'll swarm you like I did Asia, drown you to death, like we're in the middle of a monsoon in Malaysia / So not to craze ya', but shut up your slander and get allergic to dander, the elements might amaze ya'

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Genghis vs Dark Inferno RAP BATTLE !!!: 8/24/2014 08:19:20

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
ain't no battle if the enemies are scattered,
field left with laughter,
say whaaaaaaat
you're neither tsunami nor painful army,
but tiny punani, staring now at
me owning this fat beat,

you can't do shit with my grand old skills,
my mic's on it, cutting your miss and her fake tits,
the love for hip hop now, is totally foul,
the new school clown genghis' goin down

your pants full of piss are hard to miss,
even lawlz, aruns, and the worse errands,
noobs and fools, dummies and shitting bullz
do nothing
laugh at the face of his..
the pitiful genghis..
and pitiful gang of his..
if any there is..

no need to diss
you nooob..
you dissed yourself

in ya face

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Genghis vs Dark Inferno RAP BATTLE !!!: 8/24/2014 16:14:15

Level 54
This isn't your battle you bipolar freak, go back to Oz you're too small and meek / Go ahead and bring it on, you don't stand a chance against the khan / I'll kill you rebirth you, then kill you again ( call it a European Renaissance ) / Call me the bus driver because I'm gonna take you to school - Little fool, doesn't know how to duel, probably some crumpet eating jackass from Liverpool, I'll take you out like a stool, I'll tear you out of the gene pool / I'm from the 13th century - according to my memory - but I'm dropping bombs so call me Hussein ( Saddam )
Genghis vs Dark Inferno RAP BATTLE !!!: 8/24/2014 17:16:39

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
ain't my battle you say?


call me robin,

robin from the hood,
you wanna beat me - you wish you could..
i'm here to defend, and mend
honors of those who sent
to bend thee
and slap thou arse,
you're nothing but a 13th century scarsed
archaic farce

i'm not batman's pawn,
i'm widely known,
you want more?
you want some hardcore?

chaka khan is not you,
you've got no groove,
i've seen you through
you wannabe, fool.

trying to scare me?
how funny you can be..

you just don't get it, do you?

i'm among the best,
the legendary rest
the ones you can't test,
to kill me, you're to weak..
in my sleep? don't even think!
i'll shoot you while you blink!

wanna play games?
then call me 'james'
you're driving the bus
without any class,

goodbye my dead friend
by the bullet i sent
James Bond is my name
you're gone without fame,

one shot.
everything's clear.
you're past. lacked fear.

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Genghis vs Dark Inferno RAP BATTLE !!!: 8/24/2014 17:46:02

Level 54
Take a break you slimy snake, pick up a rake and get a job ( misguided snob ) / I'm not fake, I'm as legit as it gets - I own all of Asia and you live in America's hat, wanna make bets? / You don't know squat about hardcore, because you're a lard ( BORE ) while I'm a charred boar /

I'm raging, you're aging, I'm 12 gauging an Asian when you're a cajun abomination / If you're Robin, I'm Batman, witness me on free flow ( x10 combo ) / I'll stuff an asylum down your throat and save a city while you bloat, and I quote " All the money in the world goes to Bruce, and Dick is a pathetic goat "

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Genghis vs Dark Inferno RAP BATTLE !!!: 8/25/2014 12:01:00

Level 54
Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.

(Boats 'n' Hoes, Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.) x2

The Nina, OH, the Pinta, OH, the santa maria, OH, I'll do you in the bottom while you're drinking Sangria.

Nachos, lemon heads, my dad's boat, you
wont go down 'cause my di*k can float!

We sail 'round the world and go port to port, everytime I cum I produce a quart.

Put on your life vest, let's drop anchor, there's a nice lady whore, I'd like to swank her.

(Boats 'n' Hoes, Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.) x2

Deadliest catch, without the crabs, we're almost out of gas, call the Arabs!

I'm a pussy Pirate my name is Jack Sparrow, take off my pants so you can see my flesh arrow.

Make sure to wax, use your mom's Nair you'll be amazed when I cum in your hair!

Pull up the anchor cause we're leaving dry land, get below deck with a di*k in your hand!

Anchors away and shiver me timbers, we like to f**k ladies with our 8-inch limbers

Huff: Love me hookers who be a curvery, ain't no lemons and limes so contracted the scurvy

Doback: Drop the anchor give that ho a shout

Huff: Cuz I'm using my compass to find a nappy dugout

(Boats 'n' Hoes, Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.) x2
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