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Who's going to win this game?: 3/9/2021 19:38:29

Level 61
Here's a link to the game in question:


Just for background, this is a quickmatch on the LD Siege map. It's local deployment, no split mode. Due to this, the end game can be quite long. My opponent surrendered, but claimed he was going to win. He just didn't want to waste his time playing it out. At first I thought he was just kidding; I think I'm clearly in the lead despite being slightly behind in income. Either way, I thought I'd bring the question to the forums to see what everyone else thought since we couldn't come to an agreement at all.

Obviously, familiarity with the map and it's settings is essential to formulate an opinion. If you have experience with this one, let me know what you think,

Who's going to win this game?: 3/9/2021 19:40:44

Level 62
My guess is pwmcc107 is going to win. If I am right, I will take my payment in coins please. :P
Who's going to win this game?: 3/9/2021 19:42:41

Level 61
You must pay me a 200% tax on any coins you collect Z
Who's going to win this game?: 3/9/2021 19:44:16

Level 38
You had both already lost for having that template enabled in your QM rotation. Also the game takes forever to load because of the sheer size of the history.

But ime obviously you were ahead. The income deficit was more than countered by your stack advantage on the front, superior positional control, etc.
Who's going to win this game?: 3/9/2021 19:46:44

Johnny Silverhand 
Level 57
I don't think either player had a big enough advantage to have it in the bag. Looks like it could have went either way potentially. But if I had to pick a winner, it'd be you.

Edited 3/9/2021 19:49:42
Who's going to win this game?: 3/9/2021 19:47:42

Level 58
The Citadel is obviously a worse place to start because of the long travel distance to the front lines, you would have slowly stolen his income advantage as he barely has any large stacks near the front lines and it''s very difficult for him to sneak behind enemy lines.
Who's going to win this game?: 3/9/2021 19:49:09

Level 9
My guess would be that someone is going to win
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