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Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 03:24:35

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Congrats to Dunga for finally not being 2nd place in 1v1! He is only 1 win away from going onto my little legend wall. The final game for the 2v2 tournament was not correct due to a boot. It was replayed and can be seen here: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=3711033

Sorry about no Coffee Break. I'm not feeling well, I have sinusitis which is a sinus infection. Really, it's not too bad, but talking for a long period of time will kill my throat. We'll see if I can make it this Sunday.

The Ultimate Teamplayer has started! Here's a link to see the matchups: http://www.scribd.com/doc/120210709/The-Ultimate-Teamplayer-Schedule

You can go ahead and bet on the records of everyone involved, maybe I'll throw in a membership to whoever can guess it on this thread.

Anyways, I'm trying to figure out a day to do this, and I would like to have a good commentator on. Maybe someone involved, or just people coming in sporadically, but I plan for it to be sometime during the week the same time as my Coffee Break. If you're interested my skype is still Lolowut. If you're scared of me you can add Mythonian at Mythonian.

The template we're using in that competition is Szeuropa. Looking forward to covering it, and looking forward to playing it. (although some of my match-ups scare me.)

Here's the templates for this week:

1v1: Strategic 1v1, it's the built-in one. Ladder settings.
2v2: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?TemplateID=258473 Guiroma 2v2

Big thanks to all of you for watching and helping out and good luck this week!

Times & Dates: 12:00PM US/Central @ January 19th, 2012 (1v1)
12:00PM US/Central @ January 20th, 2012 (2v2)
4:00PM US/Central @ January 22nd, 2012 (Coffee Break)

Stream URL: http://twitch.tv/wargaminglive
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/wargaminglive
Twitter: @Wargaminglive

Methods of joining:

The easiest way to join this tournament is to post here. You will be thrown into my invite list directly, and be thrown into the total count of participants. This will help me gauge how many people will be playing and how big to make the tournament.

There are two other ways to join. I will be making a "Lobby" to test whether or not the participants signed up are active. This will show up in the tourney listings. So either you can be invited to it, or join it outright.


Even if you post here and get thrown on my invite list your spot is not guaranteed. You have to prove to me you're on at that time. I will be inviting everyone I know on Warlight into this "Lobby", to guarantee your spot you must join that tourney.


You may be disqualified from ever entering the tournament again if you:

1. Fail to join the actual tournament.
2. Get booted during the actual tournament.

It is up to the host's discretion.


Currently, Mythonian, Kcscrag, and I are the hosts. We have 2 official expert commentators named Dunga and Szeweningen. We also have 2 official support commentators named Reza and x. If you're interested in becoming a commentator (especially useful when one of us doesn't feel up to doing it), invite me to a game or add me on skype at Lolowut. You must have skype in order to become a commentator, I'm not willing to play around with unfamiliar programs. Only things you'll have to prove to me is that you have enough knowledge of 1v1 and in some cases 2v2 in order to accurately analyze a game, and not have a boring voice.


Q: What happens if we don't get a nice number of people that would make the brackets logical?

A: Everyone who joined the Lobby will be thrown into the actual tournament, if the number of people is greater than the bracket, then it becomes a contest of joining fastest. I'm not willing to set up byes and odd brackets and host the tourney through invited games. Sorry, just the way I run it.

Q: Who hosts the stream or tournament if none of the hosts(Lolowut, Mythonian, Kcscrag) can?

A: Anyone can host it. I'm sure if I'm unable to host it I'd be willing to give you tips on how to do it. The stream requires a great computer, so be careful.

Q: I don't have a great voice and speak English terribly, but I do want to help the analysis, how do I do so?

A: Add Mythonian or I on skype. Me @ Lolowut and Myth @ Mythonian. We both have skype up during the tourney and can get your thoughts conveyed.

Q: I signed up, but I'm not getting invited. Why?

A: If you were disqualified from entry ever again, I've invited you to a game and informed you. Plead your case, I may be willing to let you back in.

Past Winners:

#1 (Sept. 8th): Zerbi (1v1)
#2 (Sept. 15th): Szeweningen (1v1)
#3 (Sept. 22nd): Phantasmagoria (1v1)
#4 (Sept. 29th): Szeweningen (1v1) Myhand and Szeweningen (2v2)
#5 (Oct. 6th): Heyheuhei (1v1)
#6 (Oct. 13th): Timinator (1v1) (Oct. 14th): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#7 (Oct. 20th): Brisk (1v1) (Oct 21st): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#8 (Oct. 27th): Timinator (1v1) (Oct. 28th) Simba and Myhand (2v2)
#9 (Nov. 3rd): Szeweningen (1v1) (Nov 4th) Trilussa and Gnuffone (2v2)
#10 (Nov. 10th): Timinator (1v1) (Nov. 11th): Myhand and Gnuffone (2v2)
#11 (Nov. 16th): Tie between: Timinator - Heyheuhei - Frankdeslimste (SLRR)
(Nov. 17th): Heyheuhei (1v1) (Nov. 18th): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#12 (Nov. 24th): Aper (1v1) (Nov. 25th): Timinator and Myhand (2v2)
#13 (Nov. 30th): Heyheuhei (SLRR) (Dec. 1st): Heyheuhei (1v1) (Dec. 2nd): Dunga and x (2v2)
#14 (Dec. 8th): TheWarlightMaster (1v1) (Dec. 9th): Psy, Gangnam, and Fridge (3v3)
#15 (Dec. 15th): Timinator (1v1) (Dec. 16th): Dunga and x (2v2)
#16 (Jan. 5th): Frankdeslimste (1v1) (Jan. 6th): Gnuffone and Frankdeslimste
#17 (Jan. 12th): Dunga (1v1) (Jan. 13th): Timinator and Heyheuhei


Timinator: 9 wins 1 tie (side note: In 2v2s, Tim and HHH have 4 shared wins)
Heyheuhei: 8 wins 1 tie
Szeweningen: 4 wins
Myhand: 4 wins

Congrats to the winners and legends!

- Lolowut
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 03:31:39

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
first comment YEAH!!!, ill be able to actally participate for once but i only wana be in the 2v2
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 08:46:03

his balls. 
Level 60
ill play please.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 09:11:13

Level 60
Invite me to real tournament even if i'm not in the lobby please.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 10:04:28

pwn | Luigi 
Level 54
invite me =)
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 14:07:44

The Defiler 
Level 54
Oh man....can we please not do Guiroma next week? I won't be able to do the 1v1, so don't invite me. And the 2v2.....don't invite me to that, either.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 14:50:34

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
My bet is on Gui to win the team-player thing.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/19/2013 15:13:06

Level 59
Im going to be in the 1v1 and 2v2
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/20/2013 18:01:58

Level 11
Can I join this?
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/20/2013 22:01:36

Level 60
don't think it's very fair to let folks play 2vs2 with their alt/shared accounts as teammates. i think gnuffone + inferno and sze + kage were doing that in this 2vs2 tournament. apologies if i'm wrongly accusing people. but i wanted to bring this up in public and have clear statements on what is and isn't allowed.

it's hard enough to win a 2vs2 tournament without having a regular partner and always ending up going against folks who refuse to play with anyone else except their regular partners. which is fine i guess, they have trust issues with strangers and it's my bad for not having a 2vs2 regular partner. but with this extra handicap of people playing with themselves (drumroll on the double meaning please) i'm now seriously considering that it's not worth participating in these live 2v2 tournaments anymore.

i played horribly today regardless. :S
but it would be nice to know that we had a fair chance and weren't just wasting our time misclicking around.

just saying.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/20/2013 22:29:13

Level 60
I don't quite understand... what handicap are you talking about? Me and gnuff were using multiaccounts, but only on our team, how is that a handicap to you? If anything it's a handicap to us since we have to commit twice as many orders in the same amount of time.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/20/2013 23:37:58

Level 60
well, that transforms 2vs2 into an army balanced 2vs1.
you're not having to deal with a human partner, with a mind of it's own who might disagree with you or missunderstand your arguments, and that's a different kind of gameplay which you're not having to deal with. it gives your team an advantage. might be a disadvantage in some cases, but still, it's not on equal terms with others who aren't doing the same imho.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 00:25:25

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
In a way it's a detriment to Szew and Gnuff for doing so, as they both had to make moves without any argument at all from another player. Also, they have to come up with 2 separate movesets involving only 1 strategy at the same time you guys are colluding on your own movesets and creating an overall strategy.

But if you don't believe me that it's a detriment, please go review the ladder history for Gui and Denzyman, who did quite well until they faced players of stature who were able to outsmart him with the combined intellect of 2 people.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 00:25:50

Level 51
you ended up winning because nathan and his teammate spent so much time negotiating moves
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 00:32:32

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
If you watch the game, szew is at 19 and 10 while nathan is at 20 and 5, with positional advantage in Szew's court. Your argument is invalid.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 00:44:48

Level 7
Actually lolo, if you check the history and chat, you'll notice that I was very very rushed in the last few turns, seeing as my teammate had only 10 minutes left to play. Considering I was the one making all of the moves and having to communicate them to my teammate, I had a huge amount to try to do in very little time, leading to a few silly mistakes in the rush such as missing attacks and not breaking bonuses. Before my teammate announced that he was leaving (which happened a few turns before the end, and every turn became a struggle to try to keep him there), we were doing much better, and had a good chance of going on to win if we had had the time to make the moves properly.

I certainly think it is an advantage to play on your own if you are a good player. You have 100% perfect collaboration, and its WAY more efficient than what I was having to do. >_>
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 01:03:23

Level 7
AT least, he told me turn 11 he had 10 minutes. Later he told me turn 13 would be his last, but by rushing the turns I tried to convince him to stay longer. :P
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 01:52:27

Level 55
I used Denzy for about 10 games on the 2v2 ladder. It was a disadvantage. The dullness and annoying nature of the map/settings was doubled. It was like going from being in a relationship with one annoying woman to having to spend twice as much time with her. I couldn't handle it. With a teammate on the ladder, at least their is chat about life and joking. That was what always kept me on the ladder.

I think if the map/settings are to one's liking and the player is skilled and careful (to avoid overlooking obvious things), however, that playing a team game alone would give the player an advantage, much like how ps describes it. But it isn't cheating. It is just a strategic advantage (strategic efficiency). For example, Gnuff is usually good in team games. But he is so much better when he is the entire team. Sze often controls his teammates. So letting him play both accounts himself just eliminates the middleman.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 02:24:09

Level 60
Lolo: i concede that it has it's pros and cons, it can easily be a double edged knife, and the concept might even produce some interesting games to analyze. But my main concern here is that when i'm entering a tournament i would like to know what the rules are, to decide if it's worth my time or not. I always assumed live tournament 2vs2 meant 2 players versus 2 other players.

If we allow this more people will start doing the same and we'll end up with an overly complex 1vs1 tournament.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 04:06:03

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
I understand your concern, and I try not to allow teams to enter like that. This go around I figured it wasn't too bad, mostly because I wanted to see how these teams would do. I almost assure you that Tim+HHH would've won had their team made it. Unfortunately that was not the case. :/
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 14:43:32

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
I think that play alone give advantage if you know very well setting / map. otherwise it is irrelevant.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 15:25:07

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
i don't know about szew/gnuff level, but at my level jsa and i catch eachother's mistakes

well, he catches my mistakes and i catch his mistake one time (jk)

point being a teammate can help predict strategies :P
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 17:54:07

Level 59
I made a tournament to compare multiaccount teams to traditional teams. It is an 8 team round robin with strategic settings. Hopefully, I can get 4 teams of each kind, and we can see how it plays out. Let me know if you want to be invited and you aren't already.
Live Events: Week #18 (Fully legal in America): 1/21/2013 19:47:10

brisk • apex 
Level 58
if you know the template well, you have a big advantage. otherwise they would have never done that.
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