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Fantasy Europe Map Thread: 2/16/2021 21:27:09

Level 31
Hi, I'm currently working on a quite large map of "Fantasy Europe", meaning all the nations are not real but still plausible or historical.

I came up with this layout, but I'd like to be open to adding new nations (max 40 total) if you have any suggestions...
(I won't add everything, but I will consider every suggestion, I promise)

Also, what "Barriers" should I add to make the map more interesting? I currently added the western Alps, the Appennines and the Rhine.

Alsoo, some bonus regions are bigger than others because I plan on adding "cities" that act like 1-territory-bonuses in the middle of them.
An example would be the Milan territory being worth +3 by himself, while part of the Lombardy bonus region (5 territories ---> 5 bonus, some don't like 1:1 bonuses like this, I do :/ )


Edited 2/16/2021 21:31:51
Fantasy Europe Map Thread: 3/1/2021 16:21:01

Level 60
The Danube could be a good barrier. Maybe the Pripet Marshes if they aren't too far east, and there's a potential for mountains in the Balkans, e.g. between what look like Greater Albania and Greece. It looks like you've got a good mix of somewhat plausible nations already.

Edited 3/1/2021 16:23:22
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