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Country Creator: 8/17/2014 04:30:22

Level 44
This is my first forum thread
I made this thread so people can make their own countries in Images,is this possible?

people will draw their country on a map on unclaimed land and submit the file.That land that has been claimed cannot be claimed by anyone else.the next person will take this map and claim their own country and so on until all the land has been claimed

1follow the Rubric at the bottom of the post for how you are going to make your country
2your country cannot have land in the ocean
3 your county must have land
4 your country must be visible on the map
5 your county cannot exceed the size of China
6 your country cannot be innapropriate like a penis(I dont liike porn)
7 once the map is complete the map will be shown on the map development part of the forums where someone will make a Warlight map out of it

country Rubric:

country name:
Capital city:
Population: (cannot exceed 200 million)
Religion: (can be a fake religion like liracewish)
country goals: (optional)
country nickname: (optional)
More facts: optional

tell me what you think about my idea hope you like it
the starting Map could be something like this one


is this possible?


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Country Creator: 8/17/2014 15:29:44

Level 58
If you want a map made, it is easier to just make it yourself: http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Map_Making

also rule #5. what about Russia & Canada, both are larger than china :p
Country Creator: 8/17/2014 17:17:07

Level 50
It sounds like a cool idea. A world map but with imaginary countries can be interesting. Oh well, here's the Imperial Confederation of Morosia

Capital city: Morosopol (located at the place of Istanbul)
Population: 181 million
Leader: Emperor Solom XV (only symbolic) the president is currently Hamselatikan Armonzel
Religion: De jure Christianity, de facto it has a large atheist and Muslim minority
Country nickname: Morosia
More facts: Morosia began when the Mongols succeeded in conquering Constantinople, and the mongol chief made himself the emperor, in the place of the Byzantine Empire he had just conquered. Over time the Mongol overlords blended the many different people's together into a single nation, and in the 1800's the long-lasting Mongol dynasty fell, and the countries of Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia etc. became separate once more. But in WWII the nazis attacked them, and they turned to each other and succeeded to form a powerful alliance that kicked the nazis out of their countries. Afterwards they longed for the power, and in the face of communism they formed a powerful country, named after the Greek god of Doom, as that was just the fate they had averted.
Country Creator: 8/17/2014 18:05:39

Level 56
Nice idea. :)

Country name: Kingdom of Estland

Capital city: Reval (current Tallinn)
Population: 43 million
Leader: King Silver
Religion: Atheism, various pagan cults.
Country goals: Eventual world domination
Allies: Morosia, but only to face the communist threat together
Country nickname: That hellhole over there
More facts: Cultural favourite activities include but are not limited to sacrificing goats, drinking their blood and dancing naked around fire.
Country Creator: 8/17/2014 18:41:46

Level 28
I dunno.

country name: Phum
Capital city: Hummin
Population: (cannot exceed 200 million) 120 million.
Leader: Guz
Religion: (can be a fake religion like liracewish) Muhp
country goals: (optional) World Domination.
allies:(optional) Eww.
country nickname: (optional) Phu
More facts: Eww!
Country Creator: 8/17/2014 19:02:45

Level 44
alright its time for my part of the thread
Country Creator: 8/17/2014 19:11:41

Level 44
how do you put the images on forum posts by the way

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Country Creator: 8/17/2014 19:17:56

Level 54
Inline images like this:

[ img ] http://image.url/img.jpg [ /img ]

Just take the spaces out for it to work.

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Country Creator: 8/17/2014 20:25:55

Level 44
how do you get its URL
Country Creator: 8/17/2014 20:27:11

Level 44
do you put it on some website?

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Country Creator: 8/17/2014 20:52:17

Level 54
I usually use http://postimage.org/
Country Creator: 8/17/2014 21:35:50

Level 49
Enter one of the few real beneficiaries of global warming, the mighty People's Commonwealth of Greenland, Iceland and Newfoundland

Capital city: Nuuk
Population: 2,643,502 (damn immigrants)
Leader: Arngrímur Aqqaluk McIntire
Religion: pick and choose
Country goals: become the world's leading exporter of Tulips, win the Webb Ellis Cup
Allies: none needed (ok, the Yanks helped a little in the war against Franco-Canada)
Country nickname: The Other Emerald Isles
More facts: The map projection is of course misleading. The Commonwealth's land area is quite a lot smaller than China's (it's only some 3 million square kilometers or so - and that's at the present sea level!).
Also, flag:

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Country Creator: 8/17/2014 23:28:52

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
If somebody could colour in the British Isles (Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England, and post the picture I'd be greatful as I cannot do it :(

Also, if this doesn't fill are we allowed multiple countries? If so, could someone fill in Sri Lanka and the lower half (approx) of India in a separate colour? Thank you!
Country Creator: 8/18/2014 00:18:51

Level 28
Foundgreeniceland is my polar opposite. :o
Country Creator: 8/18/2014 01:14:55

6th Army Group
Level 52
People's Socialist Republic of Arkhangelsk

Capital City: Arkhangelsk
Population: 2,968,338
Leader: Viktor Yazhgred
Religion: No state endorsed religion.
Country goals: Survive. Spread Communism across all of Russia and to our neighbors.
Allies: None as of now.
Country Nickname: P.S.R.A.
More facts: It's very cold.

The country has rebuilt the old USSR-era gulags and keeps them up and running.

They're always hungry for a larger population and more (warm) land, so that they can farm. (Vologda is the warmest region)

Karelia is rightfully Northern Russian.

Seceded from Russia for its refusal to become communist. Following secession it was joined by a few neighbors.

Coal mining is among the largest industries.

It is currently going on a 7 year plan to industrialize.
Country Creator: 8/18/2014 03:30:48

Level 44

country name: The Floradian Kingdom (Green)
Capital city: Florantinia located near Miami
Population: 160 million(with all women currently pregnant)
Leader: Floradia De caprione
Religion: Florashian
country goals: to rid the world of war mongers and replace their land with flowers
allies: All peaceful nations
country nickname: the Kingdom of Flowers
More facts: Became Independent from the US due to it Constantly Sending troops to china
and decided to be like the UK by spreading its land everywhere causing tensions between Morocco and China And due to tension it decided it was time to war China and the Floradians won but the land then split apart into more countries which are supposedly the Floradians allies also they are the most flowery nation of them all

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 18:14:45

Level 30

country name: Republic of Anastacia
Capital city: Macau
Population: 189.86 million
Leader: Mr Roobaling
Religion: Atheist
country goals: Have control of global gambling, Export more than they import, maintain green, renewable energy, defeat the Kingdom of Flowerswho have used propaganda to make the world believe China is defeated.
allies:Any anti-peace nation
country nickname: Anastacia
Enemy: The Floradian Kingdom and any other anti-war nation
More facts: Only he strongest and most brutal men and woman were aloud into this republic where they can gamble and fight to their hearts content. Gambling was made popular by the warrior's competitivness and stupidity.Religion is banned.

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 18:39:56

Level 60
Country name: Great Lakes
Capital city: Detroit (hopefully this would revive a once great city)
Population: 60 million
Leader: National Cherry Queen (she is royalty, right?)
Religion: None
Country goals: Shipping
Allies: Shipping trade partners
Country nickname: Inland Seas
More facts: Contains 21% of the world's surface fresh water and 54% of the world's liquid fresh water by volume. Lake Superior is the largest continental lake in the world by area, and Lake Michigan is the largest lake that is entirely within one country.

I will fill in the other details (by editing) after I decide on them soon.

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 19:32:24

Angry Beavers
Level 57

country name: New Amsterdam
Capital city: Amsterdam ( where Amsterdam is now too)
Population: 199.05 million
Leader: M.(Mandela) Gandhi King
Religion: Atheist
country nickname:
More facts:
We use only Renewable energy so we dont need oil or gas from other countries. We have high tech weapons to destroy all our enemies if needed. Also do we eat genetic modificated food, so we don't need to use all our lands for growing food. We also have created a potion that can extend the life span of our people with 400-500%.

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 19:52:52

Level 60
Beavers you missed my country
Country Creator: 8/20/2014 20:11:29

Angry Beavers
Level 57
ah i miss a lot of them whaha
Country Creator: 8/20/2014 20:15:31

Level 57
How do you do that?

Can someone tell me or please colour in Italy, Greece, Balkans, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and Tunesia for me! Would be greatly appreciated.

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 20:20:51

Level 59
Lake Superior is the largest continental lake in the world by area, and Lake Michigan is the largest lake that is entirely within one country.
But you just created a country that encompasses Lake Superior, so isn't that now the largest lake entirely within one country?

EDIT: So... Pacific dominance, anyone? :D

Consists of Philippines, South Korea, Shikoku/Kyushu/Okinawa/Osaka, Hawaii, Aleutian Islands, and uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean. (Somehow this is legal.)
country name: Democratic Republic of Pacifica
Capital City: Manila - regional capitals are Osaka (Japan/Korea area) and Honolulu (Hawaii/Alaska area)
Population: 192 million
Leader: Commander of the Great Ocean, Amitie the 3rd.
Religion: Freedom of religion - However, each region has a traditional religion that many people follow there.
Philippines - Simoyapuyo (So more wind-based here...)
Japan/Korea - Shinto (Kind of a mix between wind and water...)
Hawaii/Alaska - Okeanós (Or Ὠκεανός in Ancient Greek) (And more ocean-based here...)
country goals: To facilitate and protect trade through the Pacific Ocean. Also to make some money doing so.
allies: Countries on islands in the Pacific (AKA: Not my lands. All I have are uninhabited/barely populated islands.), Countries that trade through the Pacific
Enemies: The Fire Nation (Wait, what?)
country nickname: The Pacific's Poseidon, The Oceanic Express
More facts: The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water. It's also bigger than all of the Earth's land area. Because of everyone's close approximation to the water (and how the wind affected sailors back in the day), many people use them to predict their future. Also their religion is heavily based off of tales using wind/water.

Maybe we can keep a list?
Orange (Right) - Imperial Confederation of Morosia, by Moros
Gray - Kingdom of Estland, by Silver
Copper Rose - Phum, by Phulesdorp
Teal - People's Commonwealth of Greenland, Iceland, and Newfoundland, by Gnullbegg
Crimson - People's Socialist Republic of Arkhangelsk, by 6th Army Group
Dark Green - Floradian Kingdom, by MarioMan237
Sea Green - Republic of Anastacia, by Mr Oobling
Orange (Left) - Great Lakes, by ChrisCMU
Light Blue - New Amsterdam, by Angry Beavers
Purple - ???, by Apollo
Orchid - ..., by Riyamitie (I'll get it done soon)

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 20:54:56

Level 60
Riyamitie - that is true, in this fake country it would change the real world facts. I just put real world facts in there so people would know more about the area. I guess everyone else is making up facts though :)

Also, without knowing what other countries are made, I can't be sure my modified fact would hold up. I could say Great Lakes has the 3 largest lakes (Superior, Huron, Michigan) contained within a single nation, but if a nation surrounds Lake Victoria that would not be true.

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 21:04:46

Level 60
Are you guys paying attention to the 200 million people rule?

For example Riyamite has Japan (127 mil), South Korea (50 mil), North Korea (25 mil) which is already at 200 mil, and I haven't even included Indonesia (250 million people, though not all is included in that 'Country' here).

Germany (80), France (66), UK (65), Spain (46) is already over 250 mil, without the smaller countries contained in there.

The others seem safe since India was not taken as a whole and Thailand was avoided.

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 21:07:26

Level 59
[This message has been deleted by the original poster]

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 21:09:30

Level 60
^That is silly. Why can't I make the entire globe my country and murder all but 200 mil of the smartest people? Then I will raise the sea level so I don't have a land mass bigger than China too.

I think the rules are there for a reason, to force more thought into reshaping the globe :)

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 21:10:32

Level 59
[ばよえ~~~~~~ん! (Bayoen!) ... we need a delete post feature]

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Country Creator: 8/20/2014 21:13:36

Angry Beavers
Level 57
edited mine forgot about the 200 mil rule haha
Country Creator: 8/20/2014 21:39:53

Level 57
Thank you Riya :D

Country name: Holy Latin Empire
Capital city: Roma (Dominant capital). 2 other provincial capitals Athens and Vienna.
Population: Approx 160 Million

Leader: Apollus the Great

Religion: Catholic is dominant, but religion is optional.

Country goals: Influence its art of democracy, technology, philosophy, mathematics, entertainment, literature, art, music and science, with the rest of the world. Remain true and steady with its military and diplomacy. We try to stay peaceful folk.

Allies: Friendly traders and neighbours.
Country nickname: Latium

More facts: Its empire has been built up over many centuries through war and influence. The empire is built up among many city states, which work together to form what is know as the Holy Latin Empire.

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