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Discrepancy between join message old and new clans: 2/8/2021 09:10:50

Level 63
The message in clan chat that lets people know a new person joined looks the following:

Hodops Dynasty 2021/02/08 08:53:

The Boiz Army 2021/02/07 16:52:

Optimum 2021/02/07 13:02:

From those, I must say I really prefer the way in the TBA image, but I guess it was just temporarily test by Fizzer (Please keep it 🙏).
It has nothing to do with old/new clans, since both Hodop Dynasty and Optimum have the white (normal) messages.

The way as shown in the TBA image, is really much better: it has a name that is clickable just like normal messages so you can go to the profile and see the exact time the message was posted.

Only thing I would change is to have the message say Joined the clan!, since the name is then already placed in front of it.

Also, the joined/left clan message should (while still being send from the player, not in white from the system) bypass any timeouts, since they are important messages. But thats a worry for later, get better join messages first ;)

EDIT: title sucks now, sorry :(

Edited 2/8/2021 09:11:26
Discrepancy between join message old and new clans: 2/8/2021 16:43:15

Level 42
Maybe discrepancy is between invites vs Open Clan join button?
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