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It's Inevitable: 2/5/2021 08:55:26

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
So many houses in this world
I see, I see it's true
So many lands, coastlines, and words
To think yours won't exist, you dismiss
But I tell you it is true
So true, so true, so true

Either me or you
Of course my kind or your kind
Either mine or yours will make it
It cannot be forsaken
Culture is what culture is
An important thing for one to be

A thousand flashes across the sky
I finally can't see the moonlight
Like a thousand suns in the air
This is a place of nowhere
You shot first and I can't see
Blinding light in my eye

I lay in bed with my lover
I stand up and see out through window
A deathly flash I do see
I start to cry of what I see
I have truly lost, my efforts gone
In less than a second I'll be gone
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