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Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 1/26/2021 12:17:58

Level 63

Warzone Creator

Every week we vote on 5 maps, and the map with the most votes becomes the map of the week for the following week.

Go here to vote: https://www.Warzone.com/MapOfTheWeek/View?Week=313

You can use this thread to discuss the current vote. Tell us why you voted the way you did!
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 1/27/2021 04:26:05

Level 60
Two caucasus maps...
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 1/27/2021 13:49:30

Level 60
One has more of Russia (Stavropol) and the other has a part of Turkey but yeah, that's a fun coincidence.
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 1/27/2021 21:49:52

Level 45
I doubt that this one will be close. Baconsizzle's map was my 3rd or 4rth choice last week, but it gets my vote this week. I think is just about the softest field ever.
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 1/28/2021 21:02:33

Dr. Stupid 
Level 60
I can't believe Map of the Week has been going on for over 6 years now. Wow.
It poses so many questions in my mind. Like can a map win the award more than once? If so, has it ever happened? Do we have a scoreboard of which mapmaker won the most Map of the Weeks? I would assume that NinjaNic has won a pile considering his proficiency in mapmaking. I assume that none of my maps have ever won because they're quirky, stupid, and lack any strategic value, but what if one had won? Would I get a mail notification?
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 1/30/2021 01:25:22

Level 60
I can answer the first question: a map that's been a contestant for map of the week once can never be eligible again; unless it was the runner up, in which case it's an automatic contestant for the following week.

I can also answer the last question: you don't get any kind of notification unless some player goes to the trouble of sending you a message about it.

Statistics would be interesting, but I don't have any at hand.

Edit: Oh, also, if you go to the list for all maps of the week, here: https://www.warzone.com/MapOfTheWeek/
you can search for names and see how often they appear. NinjaNic has won 7 times (as have I), Colion 14, and Lionheart 25.

Edited 1/30/2021 01:31:30
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 1/30/2021 01:50:06

Level 60
Top winners so far (from a cursory search of names, I apologize if I forgot someone important; I'm only listing those who have won at least 5 times):

Lionheart: 25
Colion: 14
muligan: 12
Mudderducker: 12
zxctycxz [Ollie Bye]: 9
Belgian Gentleman: 8
NinjaNic: 7
Imperator: 7
Issander: 7
Ranek: 7
Seleukos: 7
Murk: 6
[NL] Lucas: 6
[NL] Goldtank: 5
sloppyfatginger: 5
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 2/1/2021 13:40:43

Level 31
On my way to those 5 maps of the week ;)

Also, Baconsizzle's Big World for the win.

Edited 2/1/2021 13:49:32
Map of the week discussion: Week 313: 2/2/2021 08:04:32

Level 43
If you consider my alt I've won 7 MOTWs
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