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Choosing colour for a BonusLink: 1/24/2021 23:28:35

Level 53
How should I choose colour for a bonus link? Is there any common way mappers generally use? There's so many bonuses and I am a bit uncomfortable choosing one for each of them.

Edited 1/24/2021 23:29:50
Choosing colour for a BonusLink: 1/25/2021 08:14:35

Level 63
Generally speaking each bonus is given a different shade of the color of the superbonus it is in (if your map has those), or a shade of the color you choose as the color for your bonuses.

General color: blue

Bonus 1: light blue
Bonus 2: blue
Bonus 3: dark blue
Bonus 4: navy blue
Bonus 5: baby blue
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