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iPad / iOS 10.3.3 - Warzone app freezes: 2021-01-23 05:56:30

Agent Orange 
Level 58

I have an older iPad, that runs iOS 10.3.3 - can't upgrade to a newer version, as the hardware is 'out of date'. Otherwise works fine.

The warzone app can be started, but as soon as I make a single move it freezes and I have to kill it via Task manager.

Very annoying. Has anyone got any suggestions or a fix?


Edited 1/23/2021 06:06:23
iPad / iOS 10.3.3 - Warzone app freezes: 2021-01-25 08:23:29

Level 63
Removing support for the WarLight iOS/Android app: The old non-Unity iOS/Android app is no longer supported and will cease functioning for multi-player or any features that require talking to the server. I’m not aware of anyone that actually still uses this, but in case someone does they should upgrade to the Warzone app.

Removing support for Warzone versions more than 2 months old: If you haven’t been updating your app for some reason, now is the time to update since the old version won’t be able to talk to the Warzone server anymore. It will get a message saying it’s out of date and needs to be updated. It’s important to retire old versions from time to time since they have bugs that were fixed long ago, and I often get contacted by people reporting bugs for which my answer is along the lines of “update your app, that bug was fixed over a year ago.”


There is nothing you can do to still use your old app, but you should be able to interact with WZ via https://www.warzone.com/ on your phones browser.
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