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Tournament Sorting: 1/22/2021 19:54:41

Level 62
It is possible to filter/sort active games on your Dashboard, but there appears to be no way to filter active tournaments. Specifically, to hide tournaments that you are eliminated from.

I have 102 active tournaments that I am in, but the majority I am eliminated in or I am just waiting for a game to appear. They are just taking months to resolve due to long wait times for turns or large maps.

This can be problematic if you want to know how many games can appear randomly for you.

If I want to goon vacation for instance, I won’t be able to see “oh, I have 3 games coming up with 2 day boot that don’t honor vacation.”

It’d be nice to be able to hide tournaments where I am eliminated. Added bonus to sort whether I am in an active game or waiting.

Just my thoughts/request. Feel free to comment.

Yes, before people say it, I know there are outside scripts for the web browser, but that doesn’t help me on the phone.
Tournament Sorting: 1/22/2021 19:56:54

Level 58
Don't get eliminated from tournaments, problem solved..
Tournament Sorting: 1/22/2021 19:58:18

Level 62
Well, that creates different problems.
Tournament Sorting: 1/22/2021 19:59:32

Level 60
And still, waiting for games to start.
Tournament Sorting: 1/23/2021 02:16:54

Level 64
Edit: Sorry, just saw that you are on phone :(

If you are on pc and are using my user script (https://www.warzone.com/Forum/106092) you have the option to hide tournaments from which you are eliminated.

Edited 1/23/2021 02:17:56
Tournament Sorting: 1/23/2021 02:17:37

Level 59
He wants it from mobile I believe
Tournament Sorting: 2/12/2021 18:49:27

Level 62
Fizzer addressed this in upcoming update.

Thank you Fizzer!
Tournament Sorting: 2/12/2021 18:50:05

Jordan chance
Level 2
I agree with some people and some people I don't agree with
Tournament Sorting: 2/12/2021 19:00:25

Level 61
Sadly its just a straight up remove, and not a filter....

I was hoping for a filter in the same way you can filter games on your MP dashboard
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