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Orannis the Destroyer: Origins: 1/8/2021 02:40:59

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Born into royalty he was born a prince. His family ruled over several planets collectively known as the Oranni Empire. His father was very peaceful, but Orannis as a young child saw that his Empire could be so much bigger. They had the financial resources, the military, and technology to spread their Empire much much farther. Orannis waited out until his father's death until he could inherit the Orannis Orb. It is an orb said to contain the Chaos Power from the Original Celestial Orannis. As it is believed that the people are decedents from the celestial entity. Orannis quickly began raising his army and started to multiply military manufacturing in anticipation of a Galactic wide conquest. With the Orb, Orannis could amass a large enough amount of power to shoot Chaos Lasers at a planets core to initiate total destruction of the world. Orannis would use this very liberally as he did it to hundreds of planets, thus earning "the Destroyer."
His power however was reduced vastly when his Orb was cracked by Super Grover in a battle in space. Orannis destroyed Super Grover's home world and Super Grover used all his strength as much as he could to try to defeat Orannis. Orannis had never seen anybody before who could take him on. Orannis finally mortally wounded him. Super Grover then fled away.
Orannis the Destroyer: Origins: 1/8/2021 13:07:07

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
what the f*ck did I just read
Orannis the Destroyer: Origins: 1/8/2021 14:19:42

Level 57
https://garthnix.fandom.com/wiki/Orannis this is my true backstory
Orannis the Destroyer: Origins: 1/18/2021 17:24:37

Level 62
You should get a profile pic, let us know what you really look like.
Orannis the Destroyer: Origins: 1/19/2021 16:17:30

Grover Incognito
Level 13
The survivors of Super Grover's homeworld banded together in a remote section of the galaxy known as the Fuzzy Blue Nebula. It was there that they formed the Council of Grover (C.O.G.). For generations the C.O.G. has existed in secret sending members out to the Far Reaches to assimilate into every level of society, preparing for the Day of Vengeance. Wherever Orannis goes, whether it be to an intergalactic summit or a ridiculous off-topic thread, we are watching.

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Orannis the Destroyer: Origins: 1/19/2021 17:40:54

Level 20
Watching him we are
Orannis the Destroyer: Origins: 1/19/2021 17:41:38

Darth Grover
Level 52
I wonder if he's noticed yet
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