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WW1: 1/8/2021 01:25:40

Level 54
Alright i would like to ask how many people that play this game know a decent amount of history about WW1 so just answer whatever u know about WW1.
WW1: 1/8/2021 07:16:49

Level 60
What always chills me about WW1 is the technological advances that were foreign to the way wars had been fought for centuries. Im light on details but theres a story of a group of young men from one town gloriously marching off to a gentlemans war, and at some point walked right into the sight of a machine gun, a relatively new invention at the time.

Tatatatatatatatatata. A generation of men from one town cut down in seconds, something beyond belief for the time.
WW1: 1/8/2021 08:48:16

Level 50
WWI was what had driven the development of synthetic nitrates (aka amonia) which allowed food production to sustain a huge global population
WW1: 1/8/2021 13:05:46

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Ww1 was when a Serb guy (I forgot his name) shot the Archduke and Austria-Hungary got pissed off, so they declared war, Germany leapt in to help A-H and then France and Britain declared on the 2, somewhere around in there Russia got involved, they all then tried to beat eachother up and then the Triple Entee won (Britain and allies) and beat the Triple Alliance (Italy, which later switched to the allies, Germany, and allies)
WW1: 1/8/2021 19:24:56

Level 60
ww1 is sometimes refered as the seminal tragedy
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