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The Fizzer Collective Universe: 1/5/2021 04:10:03

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 56
Grover Incognito: Origins
Born to Grover's Mother in Sesame Community Hospital, Grover had a bad start in life. His father was nowhere to be seen and Grover's Mother had been suffering bouts of memory loss. Grover found himself abused by other children as he was growing up. He would get beat and harassed for being blue. He lived the best he could in life in the ghetto until one day, a seemingly large light streaked across the sky and he saw a man standing, one with same skin color and facial features. Grover was glad to see someone finally look like him, but he then saw the man was bleeding. The man began to cry and apologize to Grover as he admitted to being his father. Grover couldn't believe it, it made his lip quiver. Grover started shaking his legs unwillingly. The man explained to him that he was out in the solar system fighting for his home planet against the Biased Alliance led by Empire of Kilos. The man told Grover that he must kill him, as his species absorbs each other's strength and powers when they deliver the final blow. Grover hesitated, as this was the first time he saw his father and it has been only minutes and he would see his father leave again. The man told Grover than he would die anyways, and that Grover needed to inherit his father's powers. The man told Grover that he needs to be able to defend himself as his enemies wouldn't hesitate to murder him, even if he was a child and not a citizen of his home planet. The man handed Grover a small dagger and demanded he struck his heart. Grover knowing he finally got the answer of the most important question he had, stopped crying and struck the man's heart. The man smiled as he started to go limp and he sighed his last words, "I'm sorry."
Grover then became sore, his body tensed up and started going into a stinging pain. Like being forced to be stung by hundreds of bees. He couldn't do anything except slam on the hard cement and pass out.
The Fizzer Collective Universe: 1/7/2021 14:26:46

Level 57
what the f*ck did I just read
The Fizzer Collective Universe: 1/18/2021 17:22:46

Level 59
lol, I don't even know.
The Fizzer Collective Universe: 1/20/2021 17:07:01

Grover Incognito
Level 13
How did you know all this? I mean... uhhh... Lies. All of it.
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