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Looking for Players for the Game: 'Which Rules?': 1/2/2021 17:01:44

Green Cheetah 
Level 58
Searching for new players to join the next round of:

'Which Rules?'

The description for the game and a link to the full rulebook are given below.

If you want to be invited to the next game simply send me a message. We ask that you first read the full rulebook.
This is NOT a typical Warzone game, at all! This is not for everyone!
Only players who are seriously interested in playing the game and participating should ask for an invitation, after they read the rulebook.

'Which Rules?'

Game description:

In this game, players do not know the rules, but they have the ability to discover them. The game starts with just 6 rules in play, but these are randomly selected from a list of 30 possible rules. Every player can see the full list of possible rules.

As players discover the rules, they must also deal with enemy players hidden among them, who have their own objectives. Lastly, if the majority of players decide to do so, they can ‘injure’ a player. An ‘injured’ player can still participate, but they cannot take certain actions.

Link to the rulebook:


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