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Is there a way to search games by map?: 12/31/2020 00:25:16

Level 50
Just wondering if there is a convenient way to search what challenge levels players have created by map? Sometimes I see a map and want to play a game, and while I can save templates with settings, sometimes I want to try out what other players have created. Also, some maps are still beyond my level (for example, the 7 sins of Sardonia require level 50 and as of this post I am level 48) and community levels allow anyone to play that map under those settings.

Would be cool if there was a search by map name in community levels, and it shows all levels players have created by that map.
Another search if there is a way if there was a way to search games (community levels) that had a specific game setting (ie: challenge levels that are custom scenarios for distribution).

There are tens of thousands of community levels, and it would be nice if we could have more search options, because there are some interesting games I will never be able to find with the 3 choices which currently consist of most liked, most difficult and newest
Is there a way to search games by map?: 1/8/2021 09:02:09

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
Bump (I don't know)
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