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WZIB is trash: 12/29/2020 07:14:31

Level 56
Okay so every time I try to post on these forums it either freezes or completely clears out whatever I’ve typed. I even was trying to copy and paste to avoid falling victim to the terrible design that automatically deletes my paragraphs of text, and in attempting that, it also was deleted. Hilarious.

Anyway, battles were fun at first. Even when I wasn’t winning. Then I developed a strategy, or so I had thought, and was able to place first about 3-4 times. Then I took a break so others could have a chance to win. Well, something *definitely* changed between then and now.

For the last 2 weeks at least I haven’t been able to place in the top 10. Certainly never top 5. I’ve tried every strategy I can think of with no success. Most of the time I can’t even place top 10 anymore. (Another fully deleted post). No more spelling corrections because anything will clear out my post.

I get bombarded with attacks even in last place, really hindering progress, and on top of that I’m getting these MASSIVE wastelands left behind that I have NO chance of ever taking back. Sometimes several of them. So most of the time I can’t even come close to finishing the map. I’m saving up my armies to conquer these 12 mil territories and hopefully finish, but OH WAIT I have 6 128M territories now and the highest mercenary camp gives 20 mil. I’m not even generating enough to auto conquer the small ones at that point. It’s ridiculous and not fun at all.

Regular idle is worse now too. I HATE the changes made to crafters, where you need obscene amounts of things to craft. 41 silicon bars for twine is too much. And it takes SO LONG. And how am I supposed to make silver bars for glass AND get a plutonium bar which consumes copious amounts of silver? Worst of all, every level I start is something different with recipes. I want it to be consistent. It’s already bad enough with how many ingredients some of the bars require, which I guess let’s you choose what you want to do? But I don’t know, it seems like I’m just annoyed with Idle lately and not having fun anymore.

It’s awfully hard to try to be concise/coherent/constructive when I literally can’t even say what I want to say on the forums.

My complaint/concern in a nutshell is that I think things are getting worse and not better. I don’t know the answers for what to improve and how, but I liked it better when I first started playing.
WZIB is trash: 12/29/2020 07:15:39

Level 56
Okay “trash” is harsh, I was pretty heated when I typed that title.
WZIB is trash: 12/29/2020 09:00:31

Level 59
I don't see a problem with crafting. I can still complete all tech at around 70% territories taken, maybe because I tend to rush for recipes and upgrade mines early.

For battles, yea after the new update it's now very hard for people with less AP to win in small maps. With my limited AP, nowadays whenever I see Floating Rocks I just give up and go afk because I'm not going to even finish half of the map when people start finishing the entire map. But for bigger maps the old strategies still work. I still do well in Copper Creek Castle and won a game there a few days ago.
WZIB is trash: 12/29/2020 09:24:40

Level 35
Never played in any "automated" stuff, just playing basic WZI in slow pace (come once 4-5 hours, click click, go offline again)
WZIB is trash: 12/29/2020 09:31:14

Max Scherzer 
Level 62
I am taking bets to how soon Fizzer will delete a post made by a critic of idle.
WZIB is trash: 12/29/2020 11:00:55

Level 61
Its good to realize that Idle is still in Beta, and that some changes/features need some (or a lot) more tweaking.

The complains about the battles giving free wins to people with high AP are probably well known to Fizzer, and I'm sure he's working on improving the battles.

As for the change in crafters, i just completed all the techs in AD 1045: Roads of Silk and Iron, and I'm glad that Fizzer made the techs more item heavy, and less late-game-bars heavy. The items make it so that you can stack up a lot of the bars required to make them before unlocking the recipe, so you dont have to wait long before you're able to buy techs after unlocking the recipe for an items. (just make sure you ask around on discord what bars go into the items, so you know what to stock up)

If you are no longer having fun with idle, just take a break from it...
No one is forcing you to play idle, but keep in mind that things will keep improving for a while, If you decide to take a break cause you really dislike the latest update, just check back on idle when Fizzer releases the next update.
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